How To Spot A Sociopath.

You all know the story, AJ and I dated, then were friends, and now he has done something horrible and I have cut off all ties with him.  I am using this blog to detail the things that should have been a red flag since the day we met, and hopefully someone else will read it and get out sooner than I did.  I think one of the most important things to point out is that if AJ said to me “I’ll never lie again”, I would go back to him (as a friend) in a minute.  I want him to be my friend, I want him to be in my life, I miss him terribly and I know all of that is wrong.  He was never MY friend, but I was a great friend to him.  But my heart hurts and I miss him.  But I also know every time he says “I’ll never lie again”, he is lying.

First and foremost, AJ’s parents read my blog to keep tabs on me.  They think everything that has happened is my fault and that I am “weird” and basically a really bad influence.  I hope they read this one, because in AJ’s 27 years of life, I am the only one who has noticed that he isn’t quite right.  If this opens their eyes and helps them get him an intervention and proper psychological help, that would be great.  But, as you’ll see below, his dad contributed to his crimes more than anyone else, so I really doubt anything good will come of this.

I never dated.  I was 29 and had no interest in dating at all.  For some reason, AJ took a liking to me.  He was 19.  His way to approach me was “Wanna make out?”, which no, I did not, because I didn’t like that sort of thing.  But he was funny and he was charming and he sort of grew on me.  I explained to him that I don’t date, that if this is what we are going to do there have to be very specific limits and he has to go very slowly.

The first limit I set was a curfew.  He could com over, but he had to leave by 9pm because I still needed “me time”.  He never once left at that time.  He would spend up to two hours arguing and telling me why he should stay, wearing me down.  One time a family friend died very unexpectedly, and I asked him to leave.  He did not even address the fact that someone had died, he asked why he should be punished when it wasn’t his fault, why he had to leave, he wanted to stay.  Again, two hours – all while I had just learned that someone had died.  Never once did he ask if I was ok, what he could do for me, nothing.

That was the first sign – the obsession and not taking no for an answer.  If someone does not agree to do what is in your best interest, or if they insist that you are wrong about your best interest, RUN.

In order to do the “dating activities” that I won’t go into detail about, I had to drink a lot.  I was still that uncomfortable doing anything.  He was ok with that.  A caring person might have said “if it’s that bad, let’s just be friends until you are ok with it”, but AJ was completely fine with the fact that I had to be inebriated in order to do anything.

Sign number two – compromising your health/judgement is ok, as long as they get what they want.  They do not experience actual love, only steps to get what they want.  If they have to manipulate or fake actions of love, they will.

I loved AJ.  I still do, and probably always will.  I feel very protective of him, and he is the only source of comfort that I have in my life.  NOT because I don’t have plenty of friends and family, I have a huge circle of support.  But he is the only person who provides the comfort I want.

Sign number three – no matter what bad they do, a sociopath is charming, convincing, able to lie about anything, and will be able to convince anyone of anything.  AJ has me convinced that he is my only comfort and the only person who can take care of me properly.

The first time AJ cheated on me it was with a 15 year old.  This girl was the niece of a friend of mine.  Here is an example of how I can’t help but defend AJ – the girl was a slut, she really was.  She lost her virginity at age 13 and at the time she took up with AJ, she was dating an 18 year old as well.  The family is completely white trash, saw their opportunity (AJ’s family has money), and went for it.  BUT – that does not dismiss the fact that AJ was 22 and knew exactly what he was doing.  HIs mom had just died.  The odd thing was, he never cried.  I was there with him when she actually passed away, and I cried.  AJ did not – he went through the sounds and motions of crying, but there were no tears and he was able to turn it on and off.  That was sign number 3.5.  NO EMOTIONS.

I knew the INSTANT he started cheating on me.  He may be a liar, but he is not a GOOD liar.  He went out on a date with the 15 year old, but had plans with me at 1pm.  I was at his house at 1pm.  He texted me and said he was running a little late, and I should wait for him.  At 7pm, his dad came home and found me asleep.  I told him I was waiting for AJ and that he was out on a date with a 15 year old and I didn’t know how to stop him from going down that very, very wrong path.  His dad said that it’s AJ’s business, not mine, and I should leave now.

Sign number four – a close family member KNOWS and does not do anything to prevent what is going to happen.  In this case, it’s because AJ was so spoiled, his dad thought he could do no wrong.  AJ dropped out of school in 5th grade and his parents let him.  He was “home schooled”.  That meant his parents did all the work for him and AJ had a very regular schedule of porn and masturbation.  I suppose this could be sign number five as well, obsession and “collections”.  AJ collected porn from the age of 12.  His parents had no idea.  What they thought he was doing in his bedroom so much instead of actually reading books or learning math, I don’t know.  AJ went through high school without ever having read a typical reading list book, or learning anything beyond addition and subtraction.

The entire summer that AJ was cheating on me, I was very vocal about it.  He lied, and made up the most insane stories, thinking I would believe them.  He went to the 15 year old’s house every single day to have sex, and told me “I was just driving around”.  He mysteriously disappeared off the “find friends” app, saying “I was in a location with no service”.  I told him what he was doing was illegal, he told me he wasn’t doing anything.  He was cruel.  He’d invite me out to a movie with the 15 year old and her aunt (my “alleged” friend who was in on the whole thing), telling me we’d be seeing “Up”, my favorite movie ever.  We’d get to the theater and he’d say “We’re actually seeing this other movie, your choice is to see Up by yourself or wait in the car”.  I saw Up by myself.  This whole time AJ was ANGRY at me.  This began the cycle of abuse.  He would not just do things like tricking me or leaving me out of things, he would yell at me for being “parental” (someone had to, as his parent wasn’t doing it himself), or yell at me for not being “sexy” enough, or criticizing the way I dress, etc.  One time he came home from his time with the 15 year old, and I once again said “I know what you’re doing”.  He forcibly threw me on the bed, my head hanging off the side of the bed and banging against the wall, me crying the whole time – did his thing, and then got up and left me there, and went downstairs to text the 15 year old.  I had bruises.

I don’t know what sign we are on, but that was a really big one.

He broke up with me in August, saying he just didn’t love me anymore and wanted me to go away.  A week later he called me and asked me to come over.  He said that he DID love me, he was out of his mind, he is so sorry, it wasn’t him, he misses me, he needs me, he loves me.  I screamed.  A lot.  I screamed and I threw his things and I screamed for his dad to come upstairs and help me.  When his dad came up, AJ had me in a headlock and I was hysterical.  I told his dad that AJ had been sleeping with a 15 year old, and in my hysteria, I yelled at his dad, too.  I yelled that I told him and he didn’t do anything about it, and then I left.  But I loved AJ.  I couldn’t get the hurt look on his face out of my head.  I couldn’t get the sound of him saying he really did love me and he missed me – it was all stuck in my head.  Within an hour, I was back at his house.  His dad told me this was all my fault, that I was “playing games” and didn’t take life seriously.  Mind you, I had a full time management job, and AJ had never had a job in his life.  I was the one who was cheated on, but somehow, it was my fault.  I was a fully functioning, responsible, innocent, and very, extremely, over the top moral adult. And then he told me that I will never tell anyone about any of this.

I didn’t need to tell anyone.  Because the White Trash Family knew EXACTLY what they were doing, the aunt, who had been helping the 15 year old get together with AJ the whole time, told the father who called the police.  The father, who was stupid, believed he could just say to the police “Hey, I don’t want anything to happen, but I felt I should tell you about this”.  You can’t do that.  If you tell the police something, it’s not your choice whether or not they act on it.  So AJ was arrested.  The White Trash Family agreed to write letters to the judge saying “Hey, we know our daughter is a whore, this is just one of many guy’s she’s done this with”….and here is where it is not clear what happened.  They did write those letters.  But they had several meetings with AJ’s dad and it is assumed that they basically blackmailed him and made him pay.  AJ was SUCH a believable con artist, my own parents wrote letters to the judge saying what a wonderful person AJ was and how he was clearly taken advantage of, etc.  My dad is not big on that sort of thing, so *I* wrote his letter and had him sign it.  I was back in AJ’s thralls, full force.

During the trial, AJ’s dad asked to meet with me.  He told me I was never allowed to see AJ again and I was banned from ever going in his house, because of my part in all of this.  My part?  Not sure what that meant.  AJ’s “punishment” was a several thousand dollar professional camera.  This fed right into AJ’s obsession and “collecting”.  WHILE HE WAS ON TRIAL, he had a “photoshoot” with a high school girl.  Collecting photos became his new thing.  The girl was wearing short shorts, he gave her a cigar to smoke and photographed her on a swing set.  He claims the girl was 18 – but when you are on trial for inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor, you do not have a photoshoot with a high school girl.

I drove AJ to his sex offender meetings, I listened while he raged about how awful it was, and I agreed how awful it was when his sentence was “Don’t drink for four years” – no jail time, nothing.  Don’t drink for four years.  I agreed that was horrible, and how could they do that to him?

The next time AJ cheated on me, I knew it immediately as well.  He was forced to get a part time job as part of his “sentence”, so he worked a few hours a week at a clothes store.  From day one, he couldn’t stop talking about his boss.  I knew it was coming, and it did.  He said he’d be at my house when his shift was over at 8pm, he’d show up at 10:30pm and yell at and berate me for questioning why it took 2.5 hours to get to my house when the store was 1 mile away.  One day he told me to come over, and I did.  I found him on the phone, though he didn’t know I was there yet.  The voice on the other end was clearly a female, and he was giggling and flirting.  I said something to him about it, and he said it was his friend “Mike”.  He didn’t have any friends.  I knew he didn’t have a friend named Mike.  And I knew that Mike would not sound like a woman.  His boss was married with three children.  I considered this yet another very slippery slope, and so I told his dad, thinking “This time he’ll believe me and intervene, he wouldn’t let AJ do something this stupid again”.  His dad told me to mind my own business, and he doesn’t share his phone calls with his employees, so why should AJ share his phone calls with me?  After I left, AJ told his dad, yeah, I’m totally doing my boss and she has three kids and a husband.  His dad still let him, and blamed me.

AJ’s photo collection grew.  He had hidden files on his computer of one of my friends – she didn’t know it, and he didn’t take them, he just collected them from online.  He had photo collections of each of his “subjects”.

The third time AJ cheated on me was the worst, because he said to me “I want to be with you forever, you are my person. But I want to have sex with other people.  You will wait for me while I do this, you will not date anyone else, and eventually I’ll come back”.  And stupidly, I waited.  He dated a girl and had sex with her, he took her picture, he bought her things.  He told me in detail how sexy she was compared to me, and how laughable I was compared to her.

But I waited for him, and the girl dumped him, and he came back to find me waiting like nothing ever happened.  He was very mean after that.  Even though he did horrible things, he SEEMED loving and nice, but now he was just mean.  He took me out for my “birthday dinner” and mid dinner he got a call from a girl he was hoping to sleep with, and he left.  He left me with a half eaten dinner and the bill.  Another time we were in the ER waiting room, I was extremely sick with pneumonia, bronchitis and all sorts of other awful things, and he turned to me and said “You know, I just really want to have sex with other people again, you understand, right?” and he left me alone in the waiting room.

When he was with the “You wait while I date this girl, and then I’ll come back” girl, I became depressed.  It wasn’t actually depressed – I felt worthless.  I felt stupid for being pulled into all this, I felt ashamed for always believing him, I felt ugly and “unsexy”, and I felt like something must have happened to me.  I had always been VERY confident – possibly overly confident – in every aspect of life.  I loved who I was, I loved my quirks.  But I suddenly did not feel any of that.  He had made me feel worthless.  Now we all know my brain is a little different, so hear me out – I planned to kill myself.  My logic was that my personality had in some way expired, and I changed, and I did not like the person I had become.  It did not occur to me that this change could be reversed or that it wasn’t my fault.  But I loved who I was before, and I did not love who I was at this time.  To me, it was very logical.  I was done being me, so it was time to go.  It wasn’t emotional at all, there was no “I can’t take this” or “I’m so depressed”, it was just the logical next step to me.  So I planned it.  I had a week long trip to NYC planned, and I would just take a bunch of Tylenol PM, and right when I started feeling sleepy, I’d inject myself with a ton of insulin.  Diabetics ALWAYS have a fool proof way to die.  There is nothing anyone could do if I injected myself with 200 units of insulin.  And the Tylenol PM would make it so I didn’t feel anything relating to the lack of blood sugar.

I told AJ about my plan, and asked if he’d take care of Sabrina, because she was my biggest concern (Sabrina my cat).  I could not leave her without knowing she had a loving home.  He told me that I was really bringing him down, and could I please not involve him in that kind of talk because he was really happy with his new girlfriend and didn’t want to be brought down by me.  So I thought, ok, then.  My parents will take care of Sabrina.  Then AJ told his dad I was threatening to kill myself, and he posted online to his “knife collecting community” that I was planning on killing myself, and rather than any single person saying “Hmmm”, they all said I was crazy and he should get away from me.  He didn’t tell them what HE did to make me feel  like that.  And he never defended me from their judgement.  And yet, while he exposed my secrets, I never told his.

I went to NYC and realized immediately that AJ was an asshole and I immediately was in my element and went back to the strong, amazing person that I was.  I thought it was crazy that I even considered ending my life, because my personality was not going to stay like that once I was away from AJ.  So that was a very short lived, but very true, desire to kill myself.  I think deep down I still knew I was way too awesome to do that.  My view of suicide in general is that if people feel like they are done on this earth, they should be allowed to do what they want – they just should have the courtesy to let people say goodbye.  So I guess I had sort of a casual attitude about it, anyway.

AJ and I made one last attempt at dating, believe it or not.  Then in November of 2012, he said “I feel weird”.  I said “I know what that means, you want to sleep with other people.  We’re breaking up, and this is the last time.  We can be friends, but you have to be nice to me and you can’t date any of my friends.  You also can’t lie to me anymore”.  He agreed.

Within 24 hours he was obsessed with one of my friends.  He found excuses to go to her house (where she lived with her husband), he had secret pictures of her.  He and I had tickets to go see Muse in concert, and also The Blue Man Group.  He told my friend “No one will take these tickets, do you want to go?”  I only found out I was uninvited when my friend, not knowing anything about the fact that I was supposed to be there, posted from the concerts.  I was supposed to go with them to see our mutual photographer friend to get new headshots for them.  The night before they were going to go, my friend and I were going to go to karaoke.  I felt bad for AJ because he had no friends and was sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. I invited him.  He came.  He spent the whole night attached to my friend with his back to me, and told me “Oh yeah, I don’t really want you to come tomorrow”.  I cried. I sat there crying, and he got angry with me and turned his back to me.  My friend had no idea what to do.  She had told me how uncomfortable AJ made her, and I told him.  He didn’t stop.  They had an acting project they were working on and she just wanted to finish it and never see him again.

We had both known this friend for the same amount of time.  AJ never showed any interested in her….until I said “Please don’t date any of my friends”.  Then it was instant.

There were other situations throughout all these years.  He invited me to a baseball game with some friends (i.e. a girl he wanted to sleep with and her boyfriend), put me in the seat on the end and literally turned his back on me so it appeared as if I was there by myself.  If I tried to talk to anyone, he glared at me, and later yelled at me.

He would invite me out to dinner and spend the entire time texting other people, and get angry at me if I said anything.

I told his dad, in one last effort, that AJ was going after my married friend and it was making her really creeped out and I couldn’t get him to stop, and he then told AJ that I was weird and he didn’t want me to contact him in anyway.

AJ and I managed to be friends until he found another girl to date.  Then he went back to the usual cruelty to me.  Recently, he has been acting secretive and drinking a lot.  I asked him straight out several times, “Do you have a secret life” and “What are you hiding”? and he lied and said nothing was going on, he was just really tired from work and he slept a lot.  He borrowed nearly $500 from me in the span of one month.  It turns out he was using it to pay for a ton of alcohol for him and his “friend” that I found a photo album of (his collection).  It’s a woman from work who he apparently has been drinking and sleeping with for the past few months.  They have wine glasses with their names etched in them.  I don’t care about any of that, what I care about is that I made him promise not to lie to me several times, and he agreed.  He’s allowed to date or sleep with whomever he wants, I really don’t care.  I just don’t want him to lie to me.  He borrowed money from me to buy alcohol for him and this lady from work.  He lied to me about having a secret life.  He has alcohol bottles stashed around his house.

So that is how it ended.  And I hope to God his dad reads this and says “Wow, my son needs help” instead of “Wow, I’m going to find a way to sue Darcy because she exposed all of these secrets”.  I hope he FINALLY sees that AJ is damaging his own life and many others, most pointedly mine.  I have no doubt that AJ is a Sociopath to the letter.  He also lies to his own therapist and to his dad.  I am literally the only one who knows the true extent of what he is and what he has done.  For a long time, I kept those secrets to protect him, but I think I have only done more damage by keeping the secrets than I did good for AJ, because he has only gotten worse, not better.

If you think you recognize any of this in someone in your life, this might help:


I Went Out Of Doors Again.

Instead of going to bed because my Benedryl is kicking in and I am finally getting sleepy, I am going to write a blog about two things.  The first is about something that made me angry and the second is that I went Out of Doors again.

The ice bucket challenge.  What was the goal?  Raise awareness and money for ALS.  Did it accomplish the goal?  Why, yes it did!  I am so sick of hearing people say it is stupid to dump ice on your head because that is not going to cure anything.  OF COURSE IT WILL NOT CURE ANYTHING.  Neither does putting yourself through hell for a 3 day Breast Cancer walk and neither does a 5K for Diabetes.  The point is to get people talking about it, and MOST people who are not jerks make the video and donate money anyway.  This is proven by the fact that ALS donations have increased very significantly from last year to this year.  Criticize it all you want, it worked and did exactly what it was supposed to.  Very few people are actually saying “I choose ice over donating”.  The ice water videos are funny and fun, and so we laugh and we get to see celebrities (and who doesn’t love celebrities?) and we get to pick on friends AND we are suddenly saying the name ALS a lot more AND we are donating money to them AND we suddenly find out “Hey, my high school classmate’s dad died of this, I didn’t know that” AND this is what we call a win.  Naysayers can shove it.  I have never done a Diabetes walk because I know that I can sit on my ass right here and donate the exact same amount of money, but if someone is going to go for a walk to benefit me, more power to them.

Also, I would like to take this moment to publicly apologize to my friend Mary, whose point is that it is stupid if you choose to do the ice bucket INSTEAD of donating.  I absolutely agree with that.  I just think most of the videos are from people who donate AND do the video.  This picture is for Mary.


Dogs for Mary.

On a happier note, I unexpectedly went Out of Doors tonight when AJ and I decided to walk in the Metroparks after dinner.  We went into the woods.  It was lovely.  I was attacked by a buzzing insect.  It buzzed at me and crawled on me and AJ did not believe me, but it did that twice.  Here are a series of pictures from the attack.  That is right, there is photographic evidence.  That is because I was taking a picture of the trees before I was attacked, and while I was attacked, I was swinging my phone at the bug, and it ended up taking a bunch of pictures.


Before the attack.


In the midst of the attack.


The height of the attack.


The end of the attack.

We heard an owl hoot, and we saw two cardinals, and then I saw a deer and that made me really happy.  I talked to the deer and he came towards me and AJ ran and said I was making him cranky.  Then the deer had a friend, but they did not come near me anymore.

But look, we went into the actual woods.  REAL WOODS.  Sort of.  Mostly.


Real woods.

Here I am in the Real Woods.


This is not a selfie.

I Still Hate Grasshoppers.

I have mentioned before that I really hate grasshoppers, for instance, here.  I just hate them.  They jump and fly at the same time and they land and you can hear them and it is all just wrong.  So naturally, they seem to flock to me.  I was driving home one night about a week ago and looked at the side mirror on the passenger side of my Hamster Car, and this is what I saw:



Just, right there.  Like it was nothing.  Sitting on my car.  As if it belonged.  IT DOES NOT BELONG.   Then last night I stopped to get gas and was held hostage and could not get back in my car because of this bastard:

I shuffled around outside of my car, flapping and walking back and forth, until it finally hopped/flew away.  And the video, that right there is the zoom feature, I was NOT that close to that thing.

And you know what else sucks about grasshoppers?  The thing I hate about grasshoppers is that I also hate crickets, and Disney went and made Jiminy Cricket whose name suggests he is a cricket, but whose appearance suggests he is a grasshopper.  There is probably some explanation involving Science and entomology, but I do not care.  Crickets are black and grasshoppers are green and Jiminy Cricket is a grasshopper.

Here is Jiminy:


Here is a cricket:


Not the same.

Also, there is a hat that is stalking me that appeared out of nowhere in 2010 and keeps reappearing.  I went to NYC in 2010 and when I got home, in my luggage, was this hat.



That is not my hat, nor is it the hat of anyone I know.  I left the hat in the luggage because I thought it was weird and maybe had bugs in it or was a plant of some kind to spy on me, or possibly even an explosive device.  It stayed in the luggage for maybe two years.  Then one day, I was pulling random things off the floor of my closet, and the hat came out.  The luggage was not there, just the hat.  The luggage was empty in my parent’s room and the hat was well buried under piles of clothes and shoes.  I put Satan’s Hat into the bottom of a tall laundry basket and stuffed clothes that I was going to get rid of on top of it.  Of course, I never got rid of those clothes, because that is how I am. So the laundry basket stayed there, with Satan’s Hat buried underneath.  Months later, the hat was sitting on the desk in my library.  I put the hat way under my bed (why I thought having Satan’s Hat under my bed was a good idea, I have no idea), and it stayed there, even after my rooms were thoroughly cleaned.  About a week after the thorough cleaning of my rooms, this is what I found:



Oh, you might say, your parents are messing with you.  BUT NO, THEY ARE NOT.  My parents do not know about Satan’s Hat.  Ok, then, you will say, the person who cleaned your rooms moved the hat.  If that were the case, why did it show up a week after she left?  The only answer is Satan.  I need to set the hat on fire or have a priest fling holy water at it or something.

I am getting a new tattoo on Wednesday, one I have been trying to get designed for many years, and the artist who is designing has not yet sent me any pictures.  I have a feeling I am going to show up Wednesday and he is going to say “Here it is!” and I will be too embarrassed to say I do not like it or want it changed, and I will get it tattooed on my arm forever.  Although, not really.  I had no qualms about asking for adjustments after my Extraordinary Girl tattoo was designed.  I guess even I am not awkward enough to not speak up about something that is permanent.

My Mom Went Zip Lining.

We have this place called Zip City near us, and they have trampolines and zip lining.  I have bounced at a trampoline place before and it was really fun, but this one was way too crowded.  We went with my  nieces and my brother and my sister in law, and my mom declared she was going to do the zip line.  My mom is bad ass!

Here is proof:

Apparently she closed her eyes and screamed the whole way down, but I do not think you can hear that in the video.

An amazing miraculous person said she was looking for odd jobs to get some vacation cash, and I said hey, any chance you want to clean my rooms in exchange for money?  She did, and I cannot believe the difference.  Remember, 10 years of living on my own in fairly large apartments, and now I live in two extremely small bedrooms – that is a LOT of downsizing.  And I needed to downsize even more to make my rooms functional.  So Deanna came and worked a miracle and my rooms are now functional and organized and I no longer look like a hoarder.  I have a newfound lease on life by having functional rooms.  The only thing that does not function is the window shade, and that means I have to hide in strange ways when I get dressed, but that is ok.  If I were to pull the shade down, the whole thing would fall down.  So my dad has to take it off and rearrange the level or something, and then put it back up.

I am going to update my Dogs Eating Peanut Butter videos, so keep an eye on that.

I had to take a LOT of Klonopin because earlier tonight I heard a bunny being murdered by a hawk and it was the most awful thing ever.  The bunny was screaming.  I ran outside and did not see anything, so I ran to the porch and told my mom what I heard, and this is how powerful my ability to black things out is – she said I heard that noise before and we figured out what it was, but that if I did not remember, she did not want to tell me.  But then I remembered and it was horrible and a lot of flapping ensued, as did rocking, as did Klonopin taking.

I am rereading the whole Harry Potter series to prepare for Harry Potter trivia on July 31st. I have doubts about whether I will make it through the last two books, and those are the ones I have the least detailed memories about.  I probably should have started at the end and read backwards, that would have made a lot more sense.

Also we had a sleepover at work to raise money for charity, and this is what happens when you involve yoga items and rollerblades and a very large area:



My Mom Wants Me To Eat Dog Treats.

My mom reads Guideposts and there is almost always an article that is in some way going to save my life.  This time the article was about a man and his dog named Vinny, and Vinny developed Diabetes and there were no treatments that were working and Vinny was basically dying a horrible slow death.  So the guy goes to sleep one night and wakes up and starts writing down ingredients, and he goes out and gets those ingredients, mixes them up, feeds them to the dog, and the dog became his old self and lived another 5 years or something.  So now the guy makes dog treats called Dia-Treaties (get it?) for dogs with Diabetes.  My mom wants me to eat these.  She got so excited about them, she called the man and interrogated him (to his credit, he is extremely nice and sincere), and he said they want to try it on humans.  It is still being tested for the FDA, but in the meantime, my mom literally wants to buy these dog treats and have me eat them.  So this is the e-mail I sent to the guy to at least find out what ingredients are in the dog treats.

“Hi there,

My mom would like me to eat your dog treats. I am a Juvenile Diabetic (for 22 years) and am on an insulin pump, completely insulin dependent. I am extremely wary of any supplements or “natural remedies” because my pancreas is a nonfunctioning organ and I do not believe there is any natural cure for Type 1 Diabetes. My mom is very excited and hopeful about your product, and talked to Kameron on the phone, but I am still skeptical.

Could you send me a list of the ingredients and are you actually testing this product on humans?

Thank you,

Also, my mom left the oven on…again…and when she got home my dad said “I figured it would be alright if I turned the oven off”.  My mom said “Shut up and go upstairs”.  My dad said “No really, I thought it would be ok”.  My mom said “Hold the railing and go up the stairs, leave me alone”.  My dad said “Ok, but when we get a new oven you are going to….” and my mom said “I know, Kenneth, hold the railing and go upstairs to bed”.  My dad said “But you don’t understand, when we get the new oven, I won’t know if it’s on or not because….” and my mom said “Goodnight Ken, hold the railing and go upstairs”

This video is the end of that conversation, my mom’s voice is coming from the living room.

I am about to update the quotes section, so go check that out, too, before you leave.

Oh and I went Rock Hunting again this past weekend in the Out Of Doors and was significantly less successful than the first time and also the next day my calves would not work.  It hurt tremendously.  That did not happen the first time.

Sometimes I accidentally see news and I hate that because I spend weeks dwelling on whatever I saw and right now I am dwelling on an elephant who was treated horribly and then he was rescued and he cried and it made me cry because I am happy he was rescued but there are so many animals who are in horrible situations and they are sad and scared and it makes my heart hurt and it makes me panic and I cannot save all the animals and I need to because it is all I think about and it is really just horrible and I cannot stand it that I cannot save all the animals.  And even worse, I hate the people who treat animals badly.  I am a nonviolent person but the things I would do to people who mistreat animals in any way – I would be able to.  I could summon up that violence and make them suffer.  FIFTY YEARS this poor elephant was tortured.  Here is the link.  I mean, I suppose it is a happy story because he is rescued and being treated fantastically, but all I can dwell on is all the sad animals in the world.