Leave of Sanity

To the five people who read my blog (thank you for reading my blog, five people!), I apologize for not posting anything lately.

I believe I am having a pre mid life crisis.

If I survive it, I can guarantee it’ll be funny as hell and I’ll write a great blog all about it, but until then, instead of falling into the trap of posting depressing, wallowing things about my life, I’m just going to wait until I can be somewhat funny again.

Don’t give up hope! Keep checking, or better yet, subscribe to my blog so you know when I’m sane (what qualifies for sane in my world) again and then you’ll know it’s safe to come back and read!

And I’m still not sure whether the proper title is “Leave of Sanity” or “Leave of Insanity”. My sanity has taken a leave, so there’s that. But I’m taking a leave because of my insanity. I’ll leave that up to debate.