I am so totally doing a contest!!!!  I made up a song while I was at work by myself today and I just assumed that anyone who read the words would sing it the exact same way I would – the same tune, etc.  This turns out not to be true.

I’m going to post the words to my song and you are going to post a video to You Tube and e-mail me the link at  The subject will be “Darcy’s Song”.  You can make the video of anything, you don’t have to be in it, but you have to either sing or make someone else sing my song the way you think it should sound. You can do whatever you want from there.

I’ll post all the videos in a new “forum” thingy at the top (if anyone submits anything), and then I shall decide the winner based on my personal preference.  If you do not want your video posted, say so in the e-mail and I’ll keep it private.  Include your name and anything else you want to include.

THERE WILL BE PRIZES!  Not crappy prizes, real ones.  Prizes will be in the form of a gift card of your choosing or cash money.  I’m not cheap, but I’m not going to post dollar amounts yet.

The categories for potential prize winning will be:

Most Creative
Most Like What I Thought It Should Sound Like
Most Impressive (as defined by me)
The One With Actual Talent

So – e-mail a You Tube link to with your submission now through September 10th.  Relatives are allowed to enter and win, and so is everyone else.

Here are the lyrics:

I love my cat and my cat loves me. We sit together in a willow tree. She says purr and I say Whee. My cat and me in a willow tree.



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