Soap On The Hands AFTER The Water.

A user submitted the following via the Ask the Darcy link:

Once, when I was in middle school, a black girl came into the bathroom. There weren’t black girls in my school, so I was watching to see if she did the same thing as white people (okay this sounds horribly racist, but I was just curious). But she did do something I’ve never seen before! She put the soap on her hands BEFORE getting them wet. Now in my head all black people do that. Am I a horribly racist asshole? Oh and I also thought jewelers were predominantly Jewish because it has “Jew” in the name and my friend got mad and said that is just a coincidence. Is it?

To answer your first question, no you aren’t, you are just strangely prone to attributing traits to entire races based on one experience, and that’s a little off putting, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say you are a horribly racist asshole unless you followed it up with “and then I decided that all Black people are bad”.  Since you didn’t do that, I think the answer is maybe as a child you needed to explore other public restrooms and make more observations before coming to your conclusion.  I’d also like to know where this girl came from if there were no black girls in your school.  Did she just transfer?  Did she have to pee so bad that she came in on her way to another school?  Was she living in your middle school girl’s room and you only just noticed?

To answer your second question, yes it is. The word jewelry comes from…oh hell, I’m not even going to pretend I know the answer, I’m just going to copy and paste it.

The word jewelry, as we understand it today comes from the 13th century French word ‘jouel‘, but originated in the Latin word ‘jocale‘, meaning plaything. In conclusion, jewelry was initially an accessory resulted from someone’s creativity and playfulness, maybe with no other value but to express ingenuity and originality.

Now for my own thoughts, which I prefer to everyone else’s thoughts.  People should never put soap on their hands before water, Black, white, Asian, orange or numerical.  Just don’t.  It’s the wrong way to do it.  Also, if you picture a numerical person washing their hands, it’s a funny mental image.  Because where would the hands come from on a number 3?  Out of the sides?  The top?  Who knows.  Only the Numerical People know.

If you put soap on your hands, and THEN water, here’s what happens – the soap gets sticky on your hands and makes the grime and dirt and sludge into a paste, and then you put your hands under the water and it rinses that level of slime off, but really, your hands never get clean because all you did was create a slime out of the filth of your hands.  So you have to rinse your hands first to get the base layer of germs and grossness off, and then add soap that it creates a pleasant foam and bubbles, and then rinse that off.  Then you have to repeat the process with clean soap so that you can make sure your hands are really clean.  It’s very scientifically accurate, what I just said.

The next question in the Ask the Darcy queue is a very good one that will explain the moment I became a neurotic, anxiety ridden, afraid person.  Betcha can’t wait for that one!