Ken, What Time Is It?

A user submitted the following via the Ask the Darcy forum:

what was your earliest memory and why is it relevant today?

This will explain so much.

When I was 2 my mom got pneumonia.  My 5 year old brother and I spent time at a family friends house.  I know we stayed overnight, but I have no concept of how long I was there. My earliest memory is being in a master bedroom with the tv on, tuned to a movie where a half naked lady was running through a desert carrying her son who was dying, and she found an abandoned house that was falling apart and went inside to find water, and only a tiny bit of dirty water came out of the faucet and she put it in her hand and then into the kid’s mouth.  There was a bad guy after them.  No one was with me and I have no idea why.  It could be that I was supposed to be taking a nap, or that it was nighttime and everyone else was asleep and didn’t know I was awake, or that they were right there the whole time and I just never acknowledged them.

So I went down wooden stairs that didn’t have carpet or anything on them and into the kitchen, where they kept their pet bunny.  Still no one was around – at least that I was aware of.  I doubt anyone would leave a two year old alone in a house, but in my world, there was no one there.  I sat with the bunny and I have no memory of anyone finding me or anything else related to that time period, or ever leaving the bunny’s side, for that matter.

My two year old brain set the standard for hating naked people (the tv), a fear of being left alone (if there were people around, I didn’t know it), the idea that animals are more reliable than humans (the bunny), a fear of death (my mom had disappeared for a week and I didn’t know why), a fear of staying anywhere but my house (this all happened at someone else’s house) and a fear of leaving my parents.  And that’s just the beginning.  That one incident made me the neurotic treasure chest of neurosis that I am today.

Orrrrr….my brain was already programmed to be that way and this incident just proved it all at once.  Someone should do a study on this.

I have other weird things from when I was little (did I even need to say that?).  For instance, before I could talk, I asked my dad “Ken, what time is it?” and then didn’t talk again until I started talking like a normal kid learns to talk.  My dad’s name is Ken, by the way, I didn’t come up with that one by myself.

There was a painting in my room of rooftops in a city, and I was POSITIVE that I lived in that painting at night.  Not positive in the way that kids are positive there are monsters in the closet, but positive in the way I knew the sun would rise every day.

I carried a purse from the time I was about 2 or 3 and it was filled with cotton.  Not cotton balls, but cotton that came in a plastic bag and you pulled some off for whatever you needed it for.  I needed it for Fuzzies.  I rubbed them on my face.  Everyone would say “What’s in your purse, Darcy?” and I would say “Fuzzies” and they would laugh.  Catharine, my best friend who is dead, without knowing this story, used to hand me various fuzzy things and I would do the same thing, and carry whatever item is was around until it lost its fuzziness, and then she’d hand me something else fuzzy.  We never commented on it, she just did it and I just took it.  This makes me all the more certain that we actually shared a brain.

This is more normal but I thought I’d put it on here, anyway.  When I was 3 or 4 and my brother was 6 or 7 I would walk past him and punch him in the stomach and my mom wouldn’t let him retaliate because I was younger.  I am fairly certain that set the stage for his personality.  I’m also pretty sure that’s why I can’t see him to this day without punching him.  And he still doesn’t hit me back, because he is a nice brother.  However, he’s rock solid muscle, so just punching him actually causes injury to me and not him, so in a way, he’s getting retribution for 35 years of being punched every time he sees me.

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