Famous People

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I have had a few really impressive encounters with famous people.  By “really impressive” I mean “not impressive at all”.

First, and possibly the coolest, Nathan Fillion tweeted me when I was tweeting about not being allowed to have any more books in my house.

@DarcyJ76 Sell all but your favorite books. Get a Kindle. You will save money and trees.

Michael Symon and Anthony Rapp have retweeted me.

Then Principal Figgins from Glee tweeted me when I asked him how he was picked for jury duty when he’s famous, because wouldn’t the other jury members be more swayed by his opinion than anyone else’s?

@DarcyJ76 everybody gets called. Uncle Sam doesn’t care

Please note, he didn’t actually answer my question – you can get called for jury duty, but not picked to be on a jury!

I drove Anthony Rapp to Rite Aid for saline solution, and brought him vegan groceries, in Detroit and Cleveland, respectively.

I met Harry Connick Jr. and asked him why, in one of his songs, did he say “I held on with one finger, so the other ten could rest” because that would mean he had 11 fingers.  He said “Where I come from a lot of people have 11 fingers, that’s not so strange”.

I was roughly 8 rows of people back in a crowd of 9 million when Daniel Radcliffe and John Laroquette came out of the stage door for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  I was in the first row for the show.

Yes, I’ve met all the New Kids on the Block.  IT WAS FUN.  Don’t judge me.

I walked past David Cassidy smoking outside a stage door but got too nervous to say anything to him.  This was in Canada when I was stalking him in Blood Brothers.

I met Penn and Teller twice and I had a lion head on a stick that opened and closed his mouth when you pull the handle, and his name was Bitey, and Teller posed with Bitey and pretended Bitey was attacking him, so I asked Penn to pose with Bitey and he said he would not because Teller already did it and he kept calling me “boss”.

I happened to be at Sigfried and Roy’s wonderland, or whatever it is called, in Las Vegas on Sigfried (or was it Roy?)’s birthday and there were woman cults there worshipping him and singing happy birthday in German and I got interviewed on tv and they asked me if I came for his birthday.  I can not remember what I said.

I assistant stage managed a show that Robert Lockwood Jr. played the music for and he packed heat and fell asleep backstage and I was terrified to wake him up.

I met Joshua Bell after being in the front row for one of his concerts and it was like a religious experience, and I got all light headed when I saw his violin…in the case…strapped to his leg while he was sitting down signing autographs.  I would strap a Stradivarius to my leg, too.

I met David Sedaris and asked him if he rocks like I do, or in a different way, and he watched me rock and said he rocks like I do except when he is at a speaking engagement, he can’t rock at all because then his head goes in front of the mic, then past the mic, then in front of the mic, then to the other side of the mic.

I met Nora Roberts by accident because I was in a bookstore where she was signing books and it was at the very end and she was about to leave so I had the brilliant idea of telling her I work at a bookstore where we buy used books and we get THOUSANDS of her books in EVERY SINGLE DAY.  She was not pleased and I did not know why until I was told that is not really a compliment.

I met David Copperfield and I think he was kind of a jerk, but this was a long time ago when he did not seem to have a sense of humor unless it was in a script for his show.

I think there are more but I can’t remember.  And in every case of me meeting someone and speaking to them, in my Darcy-like fashion I spastically referred to them by their full name (including the juniors, Harry Connick Jr. and Robert Lockwood Jr.), and talked at full speed and in most cases, asked questions that made them look at me funny.  But with Anthony Rapp I talked about John Steinbeck and I liked that.

If I remember more I will add more, but I doubt I will remember more unless someone specifically reminds me.