Keep Calm And Dartopia On.

A user asked via the Ask the Darcy button:

In Dartopia – how will you handle overpopulation from both people and animals? I don’t want to kill or see the killing of animals but if we don’t watch that we will be overrun – then with people you said that people can have as many kids as they are financially able but doesn’t that beg another question about money in Dartopia? In the realm of equal rights that you will enforce wouldn’t that mean that money is really trivial? Should everyone get paid the same or will certain jobs pay more than others? Oh my gosh – that brings up another thing – you said anyone can have any job they want so I assume that means there will be no poverty, no lack of jobs? but what if everyone wants to work at taco bell and no one wants to work at the schools or a book store? Now I’m panicking – will it be like soylent green?? We need to put some things in place – I don’t like the seperation of things but we may have to put some in place – we can’t have everyone being a CEO of a company and no one making clothes or gardening!!


Yeah, so money will not really have any meaning in Dartopia.  I am counting on the diversity of people to make sure that there are gardeners and movie stars and Taco Bell employees, and if it does not work out quite right, it’s a dictatorship.  I will just tell people what to do.  The biggest point that will prevent this from becoming an issue is that no one is allowed to be lazy.  So everyone will have a job whether it is their dream job or not – any one can have any job they are qualified for.  I will not use my magical powers to give people talents they do not already have.  So there will still be some people who are good at being a CEO and others who just like Taco Bell.

And I should take that back – money WILL have meaning.  But everyone will have enough of it to live.  If you are working your ass off as a CEO and you are honest and good and doing The Right Thing, you deserve to earn more than a part time employee at Taco Bell.  BUT – the part time employee at Taco Bell will make enough to live.  And the “big paying” jobs will be things like policemen and firemen and teachers and the helper people (you might recall that I mentioned if someone is unable to do things on their own, they will have a helper person).

As for overpopulation, that will not happen because I will have no problem telling people when to stop having kids.  I will get some math person to figure out how many people there should be, and once we hit that number, we will let a few people die of old age before we start introducing new people.

With animals, there will be an entire huge department dedicated to taking care of wild animals and stray animals and feral animals.  So they will NOT be in cages or anything, but they will be taken care of by a large and dedicated and caring team.  Also, animals who have too many kids like spiders and deer will receive birth control.  There will be no sad animals.  Speaking of animals, I went to Noah’s Lost Ark today and I will post pictures, but that just reassured me that a dictatorship led by me is absolutely necessary.

I hope that alleviates your fears about Dartopia.  If you need me to up your dose of sedatives in your water supply, just put in a request, I can make it happen.