Ken and Darcy’s Excellent Adventure.

A user did not ask about this via the Ask the Darcy link.  This is what happened today.

By now you should know that we have a hamster at work, and long story short, I started working there, moved the hamster cage to my desk and renamed the hamster Ken and decided he was a boy instead of a girl.  I also tamed him because he was a Vicious Bite Hamster and now he is not.

Today I was at work and there was a loud noise and then the power went off.  It was decided that I should drive home and work from home.  I did not want to leave Ken in an office that was potentially not going to have heat overnight, so I took him with me.  My intent was just to keep him at my house forever since I kind of think no one at work would miss him anyway.

Here is Ken buckled into the passenger seat ready to leave.

Ken was very good during the car ride and almost right away he went into his cave and went to sleep.  But then, like all tiny people, he decided he was thirsty and came out for a beverage.

Then he started getting bored…

And fidgety….

We finally got to my house and I let Ken explore his new home.  Or at least, his new kitchen counter.

And then he met my dad, who is also named Ken.

And then…he met Sabrina.  Squishy did not even see Ken at first, she walked right past him, but when she finally noticed him, she was very disturbed and I think a little disgusted. After this meeting, I was sitting at my table working and Sabrina jumped on the table and sat there staring at me.  I am fairly certain she was sending me a message that said “Get rid of the rodent or I will kill you in your sleep”.  Then she went upstairs and she has not come down for her 10pm snack yet, and it is currently 10:38pm, EST.

When my mom came home from asking her priest who to vote for (she may have been at church for other reasons, I am not sure)(he said “Either one, Mo, either one!”), she and my dad were sitting in the living room and I said that I was going to put Ken’s cage in the living room so when my mom smokes in the computer room he will not smell it as much.  They said no.  Then they said something that indicated they thought Ken would be going back to the office tomorrow.  I said Ken is going to live with me now.  They said no.  In fact, they said no EMPHATICALLY.  In unison.  It was kind of frightening.  Then I said what if it snows and I cannot get to work to take care of Ken and I have to work from home?  Or what if the power goes out and he becomes a Hamster Popsicle?  They said no.  I said I am a 36 year old adult and I have the right to have a hamster in the house if I want.  They said no, and that it is their house no matter how old I am, and they do not want a hamster.  Even one as tiny as Ken.  Then my mom told me to put him in the bathtub overnight, and I still do not know why she said that.  She meant to put his whole cage in the bathtub.

I can understand somewhat that maybe they did not want a hamster living on their kitchen table, but no matter where I suggested Ken live, they said no.  Ken is going to go back to live in the office, but if the power goes out again, I am going to take him home again.  Maybe I can convince them to let him spend the weekend.

Sabrina agrees with my parents.  She sat like this for a long time….

For those of you who do not know that look, that is a look of Kitty Horror and Disgust.  She is staring at the kitchen table where Ken resides.

I tried to get my mom to let Ken crawl on her and she said absolutely not, bigger hamsters are bad, but a small hamster is worse and rodent-like.  I said he is Ken-like.  That did not help.

I like having Ken at the office, so it is ok that he is getting kicked out of his grandparents home, but I do not think he enjoys the commute back and forth.  Given that my dad keeps the house at 20 below zero, maybe it is better that Ken has the chance to be in a heated building when it is cold out.

Ken says Ask the Darcy.  Oh and someday I might have a Guest Blogger button.  SOMEDAY.

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