Ball Jam Maker

I put that as the title because I really wanted to remember that I want a Ball Jam Maker.  I have never made jam.  There was a commercial and now I want to make jam.  Or more accurately, I want the Ball Jam Maker to make jam for me.  There is no sticky mess!  No stirring, and no guesswork!  Why would I NOT want that??  I do, I want it.  You did your job, tv commercial.

I am watching tv because I am watching Oprah – Where Are They Now?  Wait, that is not WHY I am watching tv.  That is what I am watching on tv.  Anyway, remember that girl, Shannon – what’s her name – the girl who applied to the Citadel and got in, until they found out she is a girl not a boy, and then they said no, and then 3 years and a lawsuit later they let her in, and then they were really mean to her and she left after a week.   Yeah, her.  She is cool.  It’s 19 years later, or maybe 17, and they interviewed her.  And now 300, or maybe 400, girls have graduated from the Citadel.  People were SO MEAN to her.  When Oprah had her on right after she left the Citadel, people in the audience were really mean to her and said she had no business trying to get into a male institution and she should have known better.  The boys at the Citadel, including teachers, celebrated in a stupidly male fashion when she left.  But then Pat Conroy, the author and a graduate of the Citadel, paid for her to go to college but he did not tell her it was him paying.  He said he felt like a Citadel graduate should pay.  I think that is awesome.

Now Rodney King is on Oprah – Where Are They Now, and he is dead now because he accidentally drowned in his swimming pool.  I am glad that he had a nice life, though.  It looks like his house was really nice.  He was also very well spoken.

Now they are showing a warning for people who have used a birth control device of some sort, and it said that the device could migrate.  I do not have that and I definitely do not want anything that is going to migrate.  There will be no migrating.  NONE.

I just assumed Oprah could do anything she wants, but they just showed a lady from a reality show and Oprah was carrying her baby around and she said “If anything happens to my baby, you might be Oprah, but you could get it”.  So I guess Oprah can not take people’s babies.  But I bet she probably could, really.

Now they are showing the OJ verdict and some people in the audience is going nuts, there are people so happy they are crying, and then there are Very Angry people.  I think he did it.

I like the wolves in Twilight, I think they are very big and very cute and I would like a friend who turns into a wolf.  It could be awkward, depending on who that friend was in human form.  If it was my friend Karyn, she would probably be very mad at me when she turned from a wolf into a human, because when she is a wolf, I would probably squish her and pet her a lot.  Karyn would not approve of that.  If it was AJ, he probably would not care if I squished and petted him.  Or like, if my boss turned into a wolf, that could be very strange.  How do you not pet your boss if your boss turns into a wolf?  I do not think that is possible. Wolf = petting.  Boss or no boss.  On that note, I do hope my boss does not turn into a wolf because I do not want to be faced with that choice.  Or what if my friend Mary’s husband turned into a wolf?  If I pet Mark, would that be like, cheating?  Of all people, I think Mary would forgive me for petting her husband when he was in wolf form.  I think even Mark would understand, as long as we did not talk about it afterwards.

Ken the Hamster is staying at my house for Thanksgiving.  When I came home with him my mom said “NO.  Why did you do that?  He is staying RIGHT HERE” and she pointed to the washing machine in the utility room.  I said absolutely not, this is Ken the Hamster and he deserves better than that, so I took him in the living room and my Dad said “Oh no, why did you bring that little animal here?”  I have never met with such prejudice in my life.  I tried the sympathy route and I said “This hamster has a brain tumor, you should be kind” and they did not care.  For the record, Ken the Hamster is sitting on the coffee table in the living room right now.  HA.

That is all.