This Is Meant To Make Karyn Feel Guilty.

A user asked, via the Ask the Darcy link:

what was your most memorable New Year’s celebration and what will you be doing or did you do this year?

This was the most memorable:

I think it’s fairly obvious why.  It’s 1997, there are VHS tapes, my dog is wearing a hat.

This one was also memorable:

I’m wearing ears, good times are being had.

What is the connecting factor to these two pictures?  My friend Karyn.  Since even before 1997 we have spent New Year’s Eve in our pathetic but fun way.  Mostly we ate food and watched Dick Clark, there was rarely more to it than that.  There were always festive hats.  In the later years there were a lot of adult beverages.

What am I doing this year, you ask?  NOTHING!  I am doing nothing.  Why?  KARYN HAS KILLED OUR TRADITION!  Stabbed it in the head with a festive pointy hat.  And also, I’m not actually doing nothing, but the point is, I’m not doing something with Karyn which is how it is SUPPOSED to be!  So, please feel free to post comments that make Karyn feel guilty for abandoning our tradition.  That is the entire point of this post.  Karyn said “Tradition be damned!” and that was that!

I’m not really that bitter, I just wanted to make Karyn feel guilty.  And also I wanted an excuse to post those pictures because they are really funny.  VHS tapes!  Honestly!!!!!

I have never had an outlandish, crazy, overly festive New Year’s Eve.  Or maybe I have and I just can’t think of it now.  If I have, and you are aware of it, please tell me.

I think I will be spending this New Year’s Eve in a movie theater by myself seeing Les Mis for the second time.

Post a comment and tell me what you do, maybe I’ll come over to someone’s house at random.  Whenever I say “post a comment”, though, no one does.  So don’t post any comments and do not tell me what your plans are for New Year’s Eve.  I do not want to know.

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