Calling All Hackers And Internet Vigilantes.

I’m not suggesting anything, or asking anything.  I am just presenting information.

In a previous post I mentioned Jesse Dombeck and how he stole my credit card and cash.  He recently posted on Facebook attempting to pull the same “I’m going to kill myself/I only have 6 months to live/I’ve been evicted” sob story and said that if anyone wants to talk, they should call him.  (none of those things are true, I asked his family)  He is clearly trying to get someone else so he can take money from them.  He also has a new phone number. It’s 216-386-0762.  It’s a cell phone, he can text.  And if he lives in the same place, his address is 6070 Andover Blvd. Garfield Heights, OH  44125.  So I’m just saying, you know, OBVIOUSLY no one should hack him or harass him or call him or send him poop in the mail because THAT WOULD BE WRONG.  Very wrong.  So I am so totally not asking anyone to do any of that.  Nope.  Not at all.

Now, on to naked men who fall in to cacti.  I’m watching Untold Stories of the ER, which, if you are a nervous person who fears all things medical, you should not watch.  But I am watching it.  A naked guy fell into a cactus and had all these needles sticking out of him – from EVERYWHERE.  Like, man bits and all.  Of course, he was drunk.  I hope if I ever drink too much my inclination is not to get naked and dive onto something that has spikes. The doctor said that whenever someone comes in because they’ve fallen in to a cactus, they are always naked.  Keep your clothes on, folks.

There is a cupcake store in Cleveland called Colossal Cupcakes and it is awesome.  Also, I used alliteration and that was fun.

I want to grow a mini fruit tree of some sort.  I looked them up on Google, and it turns out “mini” means 8-10 feet tall.  I want like, an apple tree that fits in my house.  That would be awesome.  My friend Cliff has a mini lemon tree that is 3-4 feet tall, and he says it never grew actual lemons, just lemon buds or something.  I want a tree like that.  And someone at work said their mom grew a tree that had lemons, oranges AND grapefruit all on the same tree.  I want that, too, but in mini form.

I also want a candy bar tree.  And a beverage tree.

I want to live in the world of the Cosby Show.  But I don’t understand how Dr. Huxtable just wandered down to his office in his house and there was a nurse down there and everything, and he popped down and told someone she’s pregnant and then popped right back up to his living room to deal with Lisa’s used car problem.  Shouldn’t he spend more time down there?  Does the nurse just hang out down there?

I have been kicking my legs a lot in my sleep, like, for months, and now my legs hurt and I think I have some sort of running injury.  My shins hurt.  And so do my calves.

That is all.