Phases Of Life Defined By Fiction.

So this is an interesting one….a user asked via the Ask the Darcy link:

If you could define your life, or phases of your life, using only literary/tv/movie characters, who would you assign to what part of your life and why?

Ok, so phases of my life and fictional characters, basically.  Hm.

When I was hatched from my egg I would say I was Piglet.  I was worried and shy and nervous and usually hid behind my mom.


When I was kid like and in school, I was probably more like Simon – from “Hello my  name is Simon, and the things I draw come true” because I had a really big imagination and usually lived in it, not easily distracted by what was actually happening in the real world.  I lived as a dog for quite awhile, and barked and ate off the floor.



When I was in high school, I was pretty invisible and easily forgotten.  I also would have the answer to a problem in a class quite often, and I’d say it and everyone would ignore me, and then someone else would say it, and everyone would think it was brilliant.  It was kind of like I wasn’t there.  Within my small group of friends, I really didn’t even socialize that much or get included in things.  I did my own things, usually alone.  No one was mean to me, I just was invisible…like Marcie Ross, the invisible girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



In college I really kind of came into my own and became comfortable with myself and being inside my head so much, and I also branched out and sort of became social.  I also had an eternally optimistic and happy attitude, I was extremely naive – like, alarmingly naive – and I liked simple happy things.  Like Amelie.  Amelie-0838

After college, I retained a bit of all those characters – especially Amelie, but kind of fully developed in to my final few characters – Dug, Dory and Sheldon Cooper (but without any of his intelligence).







Now that I think about it, maybe more accurate than Sheldon Cooper would be Anya from Buffy – all of the bluntness, direct questions and statements of the obvious, lack of understanding of how humans and the world works, and an ability to immediately attach herself to one person and declare him her boyfriend without his knowledge and have it turn into something long term that eventually ends, but then works out even after that – but without the uber-intelligence of Sheldon.  Also, I think I have a little bit of the Vengeance Demon in me.  So I’ll add her, too.



That was fun, I liked that.  And here is me.


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