Save The Cat First.

I was at work and it got really dark and grey and then it started raining sideways and it got really windy and there were bolts of lightning right outside the window and then my phone made a noise and it told me there was a tornado watch (or possibly a warning) in Aurora which is where I live, and more importantly, where my cat lives.  So I called my dad and I said “There’s a tornado warning (or watch)” and my dad, because he just watches court shows and cowboy DVDs and so they don’t tell him when there is Danger, so I had to.  He said “Oh, it looks fine out”.  I said “Where is my cat, is she safe?  Take her and lock her in the bathroom, just in case”.  He said “Ok, I will”.  Then the weather got worse, so I called back about 20 minutes later and said “Is there a tornado?” and my dad said “No” and I said “Did you save Sabrina?” and he said “I don’t know where she is”.  This means the whole first conversation was a lie.  So I said “FIND HER!” and he wandered around the house for a bit.  I know he did that because his chemo treatments make him get out of breath really easily, so I could hear him huffing and puffing (Ok, I might feel a little bad about that) and I made him take Sabrina’s carrier in case he needed to put her in it.  So he got up to my room and said “There she is, on your bed” and then he said “Cat.  Get into the carrier”.  There was a pause and then he said “She won’t do it”.  That was the extent of him trying to save my cat.  My mom came home (from gambling somewhere in a tornado) and she reassured me that my cat would be saved.

Now my parents are going to be subjected to “How To Pick Up A Cat And Save Her” lessons.  My dad is scared to pick her up!


Here is a picture of Hazel the Dog at work with a crab in her mouth.

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