Cheese Blintzes.

My parents have been trying for a couple weeks to make cheese blintzes the way my grandmother did, based on her handwritten recipe from, you know, a billion years ago.  The first try was not a success, they kept saying “try adding more sugar” “try adding more salt” until they ended up with a giant bowl filled with a liquidy substance that did not taste like Grandma Frida’s cheese blintzes.  It turns out they used the wrong cheese.

Grandma Frida would want you to Ask the Darcy. 

I randomly found the right cheese while I was looking for Noosa yogurt.  Have you ever had this stuff?  It is the best yogurt I have ever had, and it better be, because it is expensive.

Anyway, I found Farmer’s cheese, which is what they needed.  So they are doing their second attempt and in addition to Grandma Frida’s recipe, they are using one I found online.  I read the directions and at the end, it said to fry them.  This is what ensued:

Dad:  They aren’t fried, my mother put them in the oven.  If you fry them I won’t like them.  That’s unhealthy.
Mom:  Well how do you get them browned?
Dad:  Not by frying, if you fry them, I won’t like them, it won’t be the same.  She put them in the oven.  With butter.  There was butter on them and they go in the oven, you don’t fry them, I won’t like them that way.

They are now in the kitchen making their second attempt, and I just heard “You’re supposed to put butter on them and put them in the oven”, and my mom’s response “You’ve mentioned that”.  Meanwhile, Temporary Bird is in the living room saying “Peek a boo” and making R2D2 noises.

Click here to see my parents in action. 

Also, I was held hostage by Temporary Bird today.  The instructions he came with specifically said “You are going to think she likes you.  This is a trick.  Do not let herout of the cage”.  I should have paid attention to that because I thought, “This bird loves me!” and opened the cage door.  I have held birds before, so you know, that makes me an expert.  The result was the bird not wanting to sit on my hand and instead climbing on top of his cage and standing there, biting at me any time I tried to pet him or get him to stand on my hand.  There was a bird standoff for about an hour when I finally thought to put his favorite treat inside his cage and eventually he made his way back in on his own.


4 thoughts on “Cheese Blintzes.

  1. Is temporary bird an african grey? They are evil geniuses. Not to be trusted. My mom had one named cupcake. It was sort of like having a wicked step sister.

    So how were the blintzes???

  2. Temporary Bird IS an African Grey! What things did Cupcake say?
    The blintzes were fantastic! My dad rated them “9 out of 10 on the ‘do they taste like my mother’s blintzes’ scale”!

  3. I think My Favorite Part Of This Is Your Dad Saying Frying them Would Be Unhealthy. They’re Cheese blintzes, How Healthy Does He Really Think They Are? 🙂 (I Don’t Know Why It’s Capitalizing Everything, I’m On My Phone.)

    • I know, I thought that was hilarious, too! Especially after “you have to put butter on it” – at that point, does frying versus baking really matter?! He was grasping at straws to prevent the frying from happening!

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