I Hate When Camels Fall From The Sky.

I mentioned this on Facebook so most people have already read it, but I can’t stop laughing about it.  I took my nieces to see The Lion King on tour and on the way there, the 7 year old said “It was dangerous when God made the world” and my 10 year old niece said “What?? Why?” and the 7 year old said “There were camels just dropping out of the sky” as if we should have known that and were really stupid for not realizing it.  I laughed so hard, and so did the 10 year old, and the 7 year old did not see what was so funny about it!

We had really awesome seats in the front row of the loge, and I was finally vindicated because they saw the elephant that had previously caused me to grab a woman I didn’t know by the arm and cry when I saw it in NYC, and they agreed that it was really big and would have scared them if they were sitting right next to it, too.  They’ve been making fun of me for two years over that story, and FINALLY I can stop feeling like a moron in front of kids.  Well, about that one thing, anyway.

The Adventures of Cat and Bird continue – Sabrina Von Squishy just stares up at the bird, she can’t figure out what is happening when the bird talks.  It’s an animal, but it talks.  You can see the little wheels going around in her little kitty head.  The bird looks down at her and talks to her, and I think the bird is just as confused that Sabrina is not talking back.

Oh hey yeah, Ask the Darcy.  

I can’t stop eating Nutella.  Also there was just a commercial for some sort of petting zoo in Pennsylvania and I am so conflicted because I really, REALLY want to pet animals, but I really, REALLY don’t like to see animals in cages or in environments that they were not meant to be in.  There are some really horribly ghetto petting zoo things like this one in Madison Ohio where they keep a kangaroo in what is essentially a small dog run with adoghouse.  And they have a camel in a barn.  And I really, REALLY like to pet those animals but it made me cry because kangaroos do not like to live in Ohio in a doghouse.  I get really upset thinking about it.

AND ALSO I am so sick of seeing back to school commercials already!  It makes me nervous even though I’m not going back to school so I don’t have to be nervous, I’m still nervous.  I love school supplies, though.  I might buy some with all that money I have lying around.

Look at this picture of my sweet baby with her little pawsies all crossed and tucked.


2 thoughts on “I Hate When Camels Fall From The Sky.

  1. As old as I am I still get a little nervous about school starting up – I can SOOOO remember that from way back when I was in school (in a cave back in dinosaur days of course). I actually can remember the drama of choosing just the right pencil box in elementary school – I doubt kids have any idea what a pencil box was but I can still recall the delicious smell of freshly sharpened pencils lying inside my lovely pencil boxes. Weird the thing we remember. Anyway, love the photo of your cat all curled up in sleep mode – they do get into the most adorable positions!


  2. Oh I LOVE pencil boxes. I asked my niece if they have pencil boxes and she said “No, but we have iPads”. I think I might join you in the dinosaur cave!

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