Cliff’s Kittens.

I created a fundraiser!


Basically, I am asking for one dollar from anyone who can give it to help my friend Cliff with pet expenses.  

Please spread the word, spread the link, spread this page, if you have a blog send your faithful followers over here, whatever you can do and see if you can get a few people to donate a single dollar to help me get these kittens spayed and taken care of in terms of food and vet care.

The longer part of the story is that Cliff has a cat named Moo.  Moo was not spayed because Cliff was unable to get a job for a very long time, despite his best efforts.  He finally got a job, yay!  But as you can imagine, after several years of unemployment and taking care of his mom, he has debts to pay and food to buy, etc.

Thanks to a person who was very generous, we were able to get Moo spayed today.  Of the four kittens, one has been adopted to a very good home (know anyone who wants a kitten?) and there are three remaining.  They are all girls.  They are at the age now where they are going to need to be spayed as well to prevent more baby kitties.

I have been funding food for the cats, but if there is any leftover money at the end of the fundraiser, it will all go towards food, because I’m not sure how long I can afford to do that.

One dollar!  Really!  I mean, if you want to donate more, you are MORE than welcome!  I figured, on Facebook, I have nearly 500 friends.  If 1/4 of them donated $1 and asked a friend to do it, too, we would reach our goal!

Yay kitties!  (seriously, do you want to adopt one???)IMG_5730 IMG_5734 IMG_5736 IMG_5739 IMG_5743

3 thoughts on “Cliff’s Kittens.

  1. What adorable kittens and how incredibly kind of you to fund their food AND start a fundraiser to help all of them……having pets is expensive – it’s always something!


  2. They are super cute! I wish I knew Sabrina when she was a kitten! I got her at 6 months.

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