Change Is Bad Part 2.

To appreciate this post you must have some knowledge of Dr. Who and how updating apps on an iPhone work.  This was the result of NyQuil combined with not being able to sleep combined with the Disney Channel being frozen – yes, FROZEN – for the last 6 hours.  And also this is Change Is Bad Part 2 because there was already a Change Is Bad. 

I should really like Dr. Who because that is exactly the kind of show I enjoy.  I like Red Dwarf, all things Joss Whedon, Monty Python…I like funny British people and I like some sci fi.  But I do not like Dr. Who.  I was tricked into watching it by my friend Matt “How’d You Get A Last Name Like That” Martinez.   Here is all you need to know about my friend Matt.  He is white and when he was introduced to a guy we worked with as “Matt Martinez”, the guy said “How’d you get a last name like that?” and it will always be one of the funniest/dumbest/rudest things I have ever witnessed.  His last name really is Martinez, though, obviously he just took after one side of his family and not the other.  I honestly don’t know which is which, though.

Ok, you can know some other things about him, like he is super in to film and culture stuff, comics and all things Nerd (in a good way).  He introduced me to Dr. Who with Christopher Eccleston.  I LOVED IT.  We watched episode after episode in Paul Floriano’s living room.  I was positive I would not like it, but I really, really loved it.  And then Christopher Eccleston morphed into David Tennant and I was sure that I would NOT like the new Doctor.  But I did, I loved him.  And then there was the episode where there was the giant sucky thing and he said he was NOT going to let go of Rose and HE DID and Rose went away AND THAT WAS ALL I COULD HANDLE.

I like shows like Friends, where you deal with the exact same characters, situations and jokes for all 10 seasons.  I like shows that are on the Disney Channel where you can accurately predict what is going to happen even if you have never seen the show before.  I do not like change.  So do not go introducing me to a character I love and then morph him into someone else that I also love, but then take away the companion that I love and put in a whole new person that isn’t even the same person who morphed into another one.

I also do not update apps on my iPhone or iPad.  Updating causes change to happen and that is not good.  Here is the kicker, though – NOT updating causes that stupid little number to appear in the app store icon and THAT is not good EITHER.   So this is a total lose/lose situation for me.  I am either stuck with that stupid little number, or I am stuck doing the updates.

The Disney Channel has been frozen for a long time.  I turn it on and it is the same picture, frozen.  And I can not find an episode of Friends on ANY CHANNEL.  Usually, at any given time during the day or night, at least one channel is having a Friends marathon but right now THERE ARE NO EPISODES ON AT ALL.  This is disturbing my routine VERY MUCH.

At 11:30pm I decided to bake a cake, but only if we had Spice Cake and Cream Cheese frosting, which we did.  My dad buys boxes of cake and things of frosting as if we are going to end up locked in a bunker with no cake for the rest of our lives.  Do you need cake?  Come to our house, we will ALWAYS have cake.  Same with brownies.  We actually only eat cake or brownies once a month at the most, probably more like once every other month, but we have the supplies to eat cake and brownies every single day.  Usually we just have Chocolate Cake or Yellow Cake, so I was pretty shocked to find that we did indeed have Spice Cake and the corresponding Cream Cheese frosting.  We also have Coconut Pecan frosting, and I do not know why because we have had it for quite awhile and have never put it on anything.  This is not to say I would not eat it if it were put on something, but it would not be my first choice.  I would definitely eat it, though.

Here are the friends I saw in my backyard today:  cardinals, robins, yellow finches, house finches, a hummingbird, blue jays, mourning doves, sparrows, a red tailed hawk, chipmunks, red squirrels, grey squirrels, brown squirrels and black squirrels.   And my cat, because she snuck out the door when I opened it to throw out peanuts.  Then I let her out on purpose and here is what happened:

I would let her out to wander around the backyard (under my watchful eye) because we have a fence that I know she would not try climbing, but all she does is eat things and then yak them up.

Here is a picture of Beau the Doberman.  He says “Ask the Darcy or I will Doberman you”.


2 thoughts on “Change Is Bad Part 2.

  1. HA…..poor Sabrina – trying to have a “salad” is she? Sam loves eating grass outside and frequently yaks it up but not always…..I think it’s the “feral cat” in him. Fortunately the yakking usually occurs while he’s still outside – I think he does it to settle his tummy. Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve added spice cake and cream cheese frosting to my grocery list. Thanks for reminding me such things exist. My husband also thanks you but he doesn’t know it yet.


    • My dog used to eat grass when he had an upset tummy, but with Sabrina, it is ANY chance she gets! It’s crazy! Then again, she also eats random sticks, leaves and bugs, too, but turns her nose up at the super expensive organic food I buy her 😉

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