The Dogs Of My Office.

So there are two new dogs at work and I love them because they are so fluffy and big and cute.  I love them and they are my friends.

Here is one and his name is Jack.

photo copy 5

He was in the Claims Department and I walked over and saw him and he ran to me and I pet him and I asked who he was and they said he is Jack and then I realized I did not know Jack’s owner and I had to ask who she was, too.  I was mildly embarrassed, but really, that’s nothing compared to my level of embarrassment on a daily basis.

This one is Lucky.

photo copy 6

Lucky owns Christine who I already know because she works in my part of the office and you know, sat next to me for her first few weeks.  Christine also has turtles.  And another dog who she said she can’t bring in because he’s not very nice.

It’s really hard having so many dogs at work because you don’t want to ignore any of them and some are way more “in your face” than others.  For instance, if you pet any other dog in front of Henry, he shoves his way in and puts himself under your hand so that you are no longer petting the other dog, you are petting him.   Here is Henry.


Henry’s brother is Kramer, who gives the best hugs ever.  He’s a “big scary Rottweiler”.  He also hides from thunder.


Tallulah is hilarious and huge and looks like a cow and she rarely comes to work anymore, but I love it when she does.  Because she’s huge.  And she looks like a cow.


To negate the size of Tallulah, she has a little brother named Squeakers who is about the size of my foot.  He doesn’t come in as much anymore, either.


Bruiser is the patriarch, he is an 11 year old Mastiff and is the sweetest boy you could ever meet.  He follows his mom around and panics if he isn’t right near her.  Bruiser is having some medical problems but luckily his mom is awesome and she’s taking super good care of him.


Bruiser’s sister is Bella, the vicious, man eating Pit Bull.  Sometimes she wears pink bows and her biggest threat is to lick you to death.


Then there is Hazel who sings The Song of Her People whenever I come in, and I love it.  She does not sing for everyone, so I am pretty sure I am special.  She is like a ninja and jumps on to laps before you even realize she is there.


This is Hannah and June.  I don’t know what breed Hannah is, but June is a Cavachon and is super cute but she throws up in the car, so she has not been coming into work very much.


Ginger comes in a lot and she likes to poop under Chris’s desk.  She’s really funny and likes to stand her on her back legs until you give her a treat.  She also lets you pick her up and hug her a lot.   She is always so excited that she bounces from one foot to the other and it looks like she is dancing.


Beau is a snuggly Doberman who likes to lean against people and bark at delivery men.  He has to stay in an office behind a baby gate when he comes in because sometimes the other dogs get on his nerves and he tries to eat them.  I love to hug Beau and I think he likes it when I hug him.  Here is a picture of Beau trying to eat Hannah (or possibly Darcy) and Cooper, and a picture of Beau with a doily on his head.

IMG_5632 IMG_5567

Finny and Sully (Finnegan and Sullivan) are Airdale Terriers and they are not actually related but they are adopted brothers.  They go to a lot of wine bars with patios with their dad and they like to go camping a lot.   Here they are in a group shot with Cooper and Ginger.


Darcy has the coolest name, but he is not named after me.  Also, he is a boy.  He is very fancy.


A very rare site is Ozzie.  He is really cute and I am not sure why he doesn’t come in more often, but I do know that it is almost impossible to get a clear picture of him because he moves a lot.


Brutus is only allowed in the office sometimes because he eats everything.  By “everything” I mean entire bottles of pills, entire packs of spoiled ground meat, ant traps, socks, underwear, plastic, things from the garbage, things from his mom’s plate….etc, etc, etc.  Brutus is awesome, basically, but he makes working hard for his mom if he is at the office. Also, I’m a very bad influence on him because I think it’s funny when he jumps over the desks.  When he does get to come in, he dresses up.


Logan will not let you pet him on the head even though his head is so stinking cute and you just want to squish it.  He likes to be scratched on his behind by his tail.  He is super smart and probably knows more than me and he does click training and can point to things without his mom telling him what to point to.  He just knows.


Logan’s sister is Autumn who is similar to Logan in that she is super smart.  You can hold out your hand and say “boop” and she boops your hand with her nose.


The Office Manager is Cooper the Puggle.  He is the head of HR and is very serious about his zero tolerance policy on Puggle Harassment.  That dude humiliating him by holding him like a baby is not his dad, just an uncle.  He would want you to Ask the Darcy, Save the Kitteh’s and share my website everywhere in the world so lots of people come here.



Now here are some random group pictures and stuff.












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  1. What great dogs! They obviously like you Darcy because they posted quite nicely for you and your camera…..obviously they all know each other too because they look like they hang out together and behave – not always the case with a group of ANYTHING, including dogs and people!


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