Towels Are Very Useful.

I had anxiety at work today because there were a lot of people and it was loud and some of them were strangers and then the desks in the Claims Department moved and that just put me over the edge.  So I was nervous all day.  And I keep introducing myself to new people who I have already met, I just have not looked at them, so I did not realize I met them already and it is starting to get embarrassing.  It does not help that three of the new people, in my peripheral vision, look exactly the same to me.

I was looking on the WordPress website and it turns out, there is like, a whole bunch of stuff you can learn and do and suggestions for how to blog better and everything.  I did not read it, I just glanced at titles.  Some of the titles were about not rambling, taking a “break” between paragraphs and not overwhelming readers with a bunch of thoughts at once.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.   I laugh in the face of WordPress.

I am not making this next part up, a grasshopper was in my car a few days ago.  I encouraged him to hop out.  That is my third grasshopper experience.  People always say things like “My grandpa loved blue jays/rainbows/unicorns/glitter, so now every time I see a blue jay/rainbow/unicorn/glitter, I know it is him telling me he is here”.  So someone dead said to themselves “I am going to spend the afterlife laughing my ass off at Darcy by sending her grasshoppers” and I would seriously like to know who that jerk is.

AJ and I went for a walk a few nights ago and normally I have a hoodie with me but for some crazy reason I did not have one.  It was chilly, but more importantly, it was dark, so I needed some sort of protection.  I wore a towel.


I think I might throw myself a birthday party, but I am having trouble deciding if I should or not.  I like balloons as long as they do not pop, and a birthday party is a really good excuse to get a ton of balloons.  I like cake.  I do not like to clean up afterwards.  I do like to see people come to my house.  I do like to play games which would hopefully happen.  This is a big decision.  What is the best birthday party you have ever had or have ever been to, and what made it so great?

7 thoughts on “Towels Are Very Useful.

  1. I went to work the other morning and was surrounded by about 200 grasshoppers. There were so many that they were thunking into my legs because they had nowhere else to go.

    As far as the birthday party goes, I would love to attend so I think you should set up a computer in the corner with skype on it so I can be there. And then all of my animals can come too. So do that.

    Griffin out.

      • It had something to do with the monsoon the night before, but I never found out and they never came back! I thought I was plagued by locusts or something for a minute though.

  2. Hey girl!

    First off, been trying to follow your blog but there is no follow button? Also as far as the grasshoppers go, I think they are trying to tell you to have a grasshopper themed birthday party. 😉 if you look them up in Native American spiritual interpretations, they are a very good thing!

    Hope you have a super fun day, maybe you should do a tea party theme like Alice in Wonderland with all your furry buddies? 🙂

    Also towels do make great hoodies and rain covers in a pinch! 🙂

    • Hey, a follow button – how do I get one of those?! I have to look into this!
      And that link would suggest I am very fortunate to be plagued by grasshoppers….I will try to remember that the next time I am running from one 😉
      Alice in Wonderland is a fantastic idea – like, really, really fun sounding. I really like it!

  3. Darcy I think the towel look is very “monk-like” but quite appropriate for warmth AND protection. Good thinking. Birthday party? Why not. Might be fun to make it like a “kiddies” party with pin the tail on the donkey (or grasshopper) and lots of balloons (up high enough so people won’t try and pop them), and a big yummy cake. Who says we can’t act like a kid even if we’re NOT?


    • Pin the tail on the grasshopper would be PERFECT for an Alice in Wonderland themed party! I am liking this more and more!

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