Listen To Your Mother.

As you all know, my parents are bat shit crazy, there is no getting around it.  I mean, they are just nuts.  Here’s proof:

But I have to say, any time my mother told me to do something and I didn’t do it, I have almost always regretted it – even if it was something bat shit crazy.  I never would have met the New Kids on the Block when I was 12 if she didn’t finagle her way into the hotel and convince me to follow.  I would never be as bold as I am in terms of trying to “save” people and animals if it weren’t for her.

And sometimes she gives good advice.  For instance, tonight, AJ got two kitties.  He went to Rescue Village and adopted two sisters who are 6 years old.  These cats look just like my cat.  I went to visit them tonight and I really love them.  But I felt SO GUILTY.  I love my cat best out of anyone in the entire world, and I love all animals in general, but this was just too personal.  I will be interacting with these kitties a lot, and I love them.  How could I do that to Sabrina?!  When I came home I walked out on to my mom’s Exile Porch and I said “Hi” and she said “I know exactly what you are going to say, and it is perfectly fine to love other kitties, that does not mean you love Sabrina any differently or any less.  You can have multiple kitties and other animals in your life and they will each have a special place and you can love them all just as much”.  SHE KNEW!  She knew exactly what I was thinking!  And that was just what I needed to hear, because wow do I feel guilty.

Here is a picture of Miss Kitty, one of AJ’s new kitties:

photo copy 7

Here is a picture of Sabrina, my kitty:

Kitties shouldn't use the stove

Do you see how much they look alike?!   Maybe this one of Sabrina is a better comparison – she is about the same age as Miss Kitty in this picture:


Less similar is Sophia, AJ’s other new kitty:


So now I am a mom to three kitties (Hey, if AJ can declare himself Sabrina’s dad, I am his cats mom!).  But Sabrina is clearly my biological cat because we look alike and have the exact same personality.

One thought on “Listen To Your Mother.

  1. Bravo for AJ adopting those beautiful cats and indeed, we can love many cats in our lives but generally have one SPECIAL one….just as I have Sammy. We have a neighborhood mooch cat who visits us frequently for handouts and head bumps and I have “separate” feelings for her but I love all cats and animals….everyone has their own “compartment” in my heart. It’s ALLL good!


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