Many people think I make things up, and I do not.  I mean, I do, but if I do, you really know that I am making it up, there is no question about it.  For instance, “Did you renew your driver’s license yet, your birthday is tomorrow” was posed to me and my answer was  “Yes.  Ok no”.  That is how you know I am making something up.  Also, that is how you know that I will soon be driving with an expired license if I do not wake up super early and go to the DMV and given that I have not done that yet in the past week that I have said I was going to do it, it is not too likely to happen.

And then there was one time when I told my mom I saw two wolves and she said I did not see two wolves.  As it turned out, she was right, but I was not making that up, I really thought I saw two wolves.

Anyway, on my way home tonight there was a kitty sitting on the tree lawn in my neighborhood, so I stopped my car.  Here is what happened:


You can see the poor little mouse victim, but at the same time, the kitty is so cute.  Shortly after this video was taken I attempted to kidnap the kitty, but he insisted on staying in one particular driveway, so I decided to let him stay there.

Have you been keeping up on the Dogs Eating Peanut Butter videos?  Because damn, they are cute.  I keep adding more, so keep checking it out!

Lastly, I got my desk back at work.  This is very important to me, as it was my desk when I started there and then after about 9 months of it being my desk, it was ripped away from me in a cruel and brutal fashion (not really, I was given a lot of warning and hand held through the process because I work for very nice people).  The point is, it is my desk again.  I HAVE RECLAIMED WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE.  All is right with the world.  There are still so many new people that I can not identify most of them (but I know their dogs) (some of them have eaten peanut butter)(the dogs, not the people), and sometimes they talk to me (the people, not the dogs) and I am not sure if I have talked to them before or not and it gets embarrassing.  I wrote a whole blog about how it is important to look at people and I have not taken my own advice, I still do not look at anyone.

I love my cat.  Here she is on my business card.  The reflection is a little weird, I should take a better picture…but I am too lazy.



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  1. Sabrina von Squishy is a very lovely young lady…….we’ve seen the peanut butter video and it’s hilarious….Mom gave me that stuff once and I thought I’d NEVER get it off the roof of my mouth! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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