Miley and Cory and Hamsters, Oh My!

I want to start out by saying that Miley Cyrus grosses me out completely and she can claim all she wants that her recent prostitute behavior is a result of “maturing” and “growth”, but really, it is just the opposite, but I am not going to comment on that.  I am going to comment on the fact that Miley Cyrus has Thrush and clearly, no one has informed her of this, and so she is just going around jutting out her unnaturally long, fungus infection tongue at people and it is gross.  Someone needs to tell her “Girlfriend, you have the Thrush” and give her some of those lozenges that you melt on your tongue every two hours for a week straight so it clears up.  I am not going to post a picture of a Thrush tongue, or MIley’s Thrush tongue, because personally, it freaks me out, so I will not subject my faithful readers to that.  Instead, I will post a picture of a hamster.


This brings me to my latest work concern, and really, it is overwhelming my thoughts.  As I mentioned, I recently got my desk back, which is as it should be.  The thing is, the last time I had that desk, I had Ken the Hamster.   It is very bittersweet to be there without Ken.   I want a new office hamster.  BUT HERE IS THE THING.  There are a LOT more people who work there now and if I convince the Powers That Be to let me get another office hamster, I MIGHT HAVE TO SHARE HIM.  That is just not going to happen.  I will feed him and he will live by me and I will give him water and I will clean his cage and rearrange his furniture and give him treats.  I do not want anyone else to do that.  They can pet him or even hold him when I take him visiting around the office, but I do not want to share a new hammy.  This is causing a great amount of stress in my life.  Oh and we are also probably moving to a new office eventually because we do not all fit in this one, so I thought, new office, new hammy. But you know, MY HAMMY.  Not to share.  The smaller crew had no issues with me hogging Ken the Hamster because he had bitten enough of them that they were scared of him.  But what if they like a new hammy and want to be involved?  A coworker suggested I ask if *I* can buy a hammy and a new cage, etc, and I can pay for him and his food and everything, and then he would be my hamster who just happens to live at work.  Then, if I ever need to bring the Ham Ham home because of a weekend or something, I can tell my parents I was forced to do it as part of my job and I will be fired if I do not bring the Ham Ham home, and that way they can not tell me that there will be no Hammy in my house.

Lastly, I miss Cory Monteith.  I know that is crazy, because celebrities die all the time and I am always shocked, but I get over it very quickly.  For some reason it felt personal with Cory, like someone I know died.  I watched the Cory/Finn tribute episode tonight and I cried a lot.  When Catharine died, it was 6 months before I could even talk about it at all, so for Lea Michele to be able to be in that episode, I thought, was very brave.  I don’t normally like her character, but I was glad she came back for the tribute as “old” Rachel and not Slutty New York Rachel.  I also have decided that my forever favorite characters on that show are Santana and Kurt and of course, Finn.

Now this really is lastly.  This picture needs to go viral.  My friend Darcy and her friend Darlene, pictured, were on a drive through zoo thing where you can fee the animals.  Darlene was posing with a lovely smile waiting for a picture to be taken when an Elk stuck his head in the window and started nuzzling her neck.  This is the honest to goodness true reaction caught by Darcy as a moment that will last forever, hopefully as a viral picture that gets turned into a meme and put on the Ellen Degeneres show.  Share this picture and its awesomeness wherever you think people will appreciate the look of true terror in poor Darlene’s face.


3 thoughts on “Miley and Cory and Hamsters, Oh My!

  1. Gosh…..not everyone has a photo of an elk slobber covered neck to share. This is special. Scary but special. As for the hamster issue, we vote for you to get a PERSONAL hamster…..sign on cage to read “THIS HAMSTER IS MINE…..ALL MINE…..YOU MAY OBSERVE BUT NOT TOUCH……PERIOD”

    That ought to make the issue clear don’t you think?

    Pam and Sam

  2. You may observe but not touch! I like that! I am leaning towards the personal hamster.
    Does Sammy chase mice/hamster type things? I introduced Ken the Hamster to Sabrina, and she didn’t chase him! I don’t think she even recognized him as another animal!

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