Things That Do Not Taste Like Cheese.

This will probably surprise you, but I do not eat fast food.  Ok, I RARELY eat fast food.  Extremely rarely.  And when I do, it is usually just french fries. I will always get coffee beverages from fast food places, but I have not eaten a “sandwich” in a long time.  They just gross me out.  I used to be able to eat chicken nuggets by telling myself “This is not really chicken, it is some chicken flavored product” but then you know, beaks and feet and all that, and no more.

Tonight I went to Arby’s intending to get curly fries, and I found a voice unattached to me saying “…and a beef and cheddar sandwich”.  I thought, damn, that was weird.  And then I ate it.  It was so gross, but so good at the same time.  It helped that it was dark and I was driving, so I could not look at it while I was eating it.

Here is the thing about Arby’s Beef and Cheddar – it does not taste like cheese.  I mean, I know, it ISN’T cheese, it is manufactured cheese goo, but it should still at least taste like cheese.  This is the third in a series of things I have eaten that are supposed to taste like cheese but do not.

Campbell’s has those “handheld” soup things, where you nuke it and drink it rather than putting it in a bowl and using utensils to eat it.  I have been happy with these, particularly Chicken and Stars and Creamy Tomato.  But they got fancy and put out “Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla” and “Cheesy Baked Potato with Bacon (flavor)”.  I had really high hopes.  Like, really high.  The chicken one tastes like chicken broth with a hint of something spicy, and the potato one tastes like watery potatoes with fake bacon flavor.

If you are going to tell me something is cheesy, it damn well better be cheesy.  I am serious about my cheese, damn it.

Also, when you put these things in the microwave they hop around in a really scary way like they are being tortured to death.  I have a huge fear of being microwaved.  Or of microwaving something alive.  I would never do that, for the record.  But what if I was not paying attention some day and put a hamster in the microwave?  These thoughts plague me.  I do not ever want to be microwaved.

On to other things.

I love this and can not stop watching it.

To continue my theme of asking questions that no one answers, here is a two parter that you can avoid commenting on.  Do you eat fast food and what is your favorite kind of soup?  Answer in the comments below, we can keep up our trend of no one responding 😉

I still like each and every one of you, regardless of whether or not you comment.  And if you do comment, don’t tell anyone else, but I like you best.

11 thoughts on “Things That Do Not Taste Like Cheese.

  1. Well, I feel COMPELLED to comment – I like challenges (mostly)……so (1) I ADORE fast food French fries (especially MCDonalds) and (2) I ADORE Campbell’s butternut squash soup. Period. So do you like me best????

    Pam (and Sam)

    • I always like you best because you are so nice and always comment!! Haha! Plus, I love butternut sqaush soup, and I have never tried Campbell’s, so you have given me a new soup to try! Also – McDonald’s fries are definitely the best.

  2. I eat way more fast food than i should. Waay more.

    My favorite soup is tomato. yum. Now I think I’ll make grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. 🙂

    • Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best!! It incorporates two of my favorite things, soup and cheese!

  3. I eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets a lot, probably once every week or two. But lately I’m having a really really hard time with it, and I think they are on there way out. Which is sad because I’ve eaten them since I was a teeny kid and never eat anything else from there (except fries). But all the ‘pink goo’ and stuff has got me grossed out. And recently I trimmed some raw chicken and put the pieces in the garbage and it went rancid and when we put it in the garage garbage it got maggots and I can’t get over the smell. I keep hoping it’s a phase and I’ll get over it. I was a vegetarian for three years but then everything contained animal by-products so I gave up and started eating any and all meat (well sorta). But I’m starting to get grossed out again about meat. McDonald’s fries still do it for me though but since I always eat them with nuggets, I don’t fully get to enjoy them. Okay, I commented. 🙂 I read your posts in the morning because they come to my work address and I can’t really be commenting while I’m here, they don’t pay me for that, although maybe they should?

    • This actually shocks me about you and chicken nuggets! I am a sucker for all chicken products that are breaded and squished into another shape. I still eat frozen chicken nuggets, from like….ok, I can’t think of a brand. But you know what I mean. The dinosaur ones. THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!!!

  4. i eat fast food and faster food. fast is me cooking. (slow is husband cooking). faster is things like chipotle or other typical fast food. but that’s not very often. fries are good, but I prefer to spoil myself with a milkshake (which probably contains no milk and is not shaken). my favorite soup is my own homemade cabbage carrot, but I make other soups I like (like acorn/butternut squash). i don’t like canned soups AT ALL.

    • I eat Chipotle, too, I never think of that as fast food, but it is, technically, I suppose. I made homemade chicken noodle soup once and it was super (or souper) good, but I have never tried making other soup and now I want to. THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING ON MY POST!!!!

  5. Hi Darcy, as far as fast food I think of it as I do everything else, moderation! I have a few legal vices that are not the most health, but like I said, I keep everything in moderation. I guess growing up with fast food in my diet, the taste is quite pleasing. I know it is not the healthiest, so I keep my fast food to a minimum. As far as cheese goes, my palette is not very discerning, so most things that are cheese or cheese foods, or a goo posing as cheese is fine by me. I try to eat fairly healthy incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables, or at least frozen varieties. The canned fruits and veggies seem to have a lot of sodium our sugar added, and maybe preservatives depending on what you buy. I well eat canned, but like I said, I keep in moderation. No matter what you do something will eventually kill you, it just depends some on your genetics and your life style. I don’t worry to much, I just hope for the best. Well I guess that’s all I have to add as far as opinions go 🙂

  6. I really, really like your use of “goo posing as cheese”, that was fantastic!! But you’re right, moderation is the key to everything! And hey Tony….THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!! Hehe!!!

    • No problem, your views are interesting and different in a good way. You have a spin on all sorts of topics, I like that 🙂

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