Donut Driving.

Yesterday I went to my car to drive to work and the back tire on the driver’s side was all flat and stuff.  So I thought, I probably should not drive that car and I drove my mom’s car.  It is the same car, but hers has things like power windows and locks and mine does not.  Also, my mom is allegedly an inch taller than I am (I will argue that she is not to my death) and when I sat in her car my head went up into the ceiling.  AJ is also taller than me and when I sit in his car I have to push the seat back a lot.  This means my torso is taller than my mom’s torso and my legs are longer than AJ’s legs, except that they are not, so I really do not know how any of this worked out.

At any rate, I had to call AAA, which I am not a member of, and pretend to be my mom so they would come and put a donut wheel on my car.  I was just going to drive my car to the place to get a new tire, but my dad said that is insane and I will just make it worse and something about rims.  So I called AAA and had to say my name but I had to say my mom’s name as if it were my name, which it is not, and that caused me anxiety.  Then I had to clean out my trunk so the AAA guy could get to my donut tire, and I filled two garbage bags with stuff because I had so much crap in there.  Then my dad freaked out because he said I made one of the garbage bags so heavy, there was no way on earth anyone could possibly pick the bag up, and did I even try to pick it up, and the garbage men would not take it because it is so unbelievably heavy.  I did not try to pick it up.  But now I have to empty half the contents of the one bag into two bags so it is not so “ungodly heavy”.

The AAA people said the person would call me 5 minutes before he got to my house, so I sat in the Family Room with my cat and waited.  Then I looked out the window and there was a man holding my tire and my dad said I should go outside, so I did.


Here is a list of the questions I asked while the man was doing this:

Is my car heavy?
Has a tire ever rolled away while you were changing it?
Is it scary when you have to do this on the highway?
Have you ever changed a tire while someone’s pet was in the car and did how did the pet respond?
Why is my tire flat?
What would have happened if I drove my car to the tire place without getting the donut tire put on first?

He only opted to answer a few of my questions.  Yes, it is scary on the highway, especially at night.  The car is heavy but it is not heavy to lift because of physics, but I already knew that, I meant is my car heavy in general.  My tire is flat because there is a screw in it.  If I had driven my car without the donut tire I would have damaged everything and instead of pulling the screw out and sealing it they would have had to replace a lot of things.

Then I drove to the tire place and felt inspired by song, and so I created on and this is it.  The stupid thing is not letting me put the video in my post and I do not know why and it is making me cranky, so you have to click the link.  But click on it because my song is brilliant.

Here is my song. 

Some highlights of parental insanity today:

My mom was watching the OSU game on her porch and my dad said “I’m surprised she knew how to find what channel it was on”.

My mom tried turning my dad’s tv on for the game and messed it up and asked if I could fix it, which I could not, because we have been very clearly instructed to never touch the tv, so we just left it and pretended not to know anything about it.  Then when my dad left the porch, my mom said “I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about his tv” and two seconds later he came back on the porch and said “Which one of you messed with my tv?” and we laughed, and he directed his comments at me and said that I messed it up and I narced on my mom and said it was her.

My dad told me to ask the AAA about driving on my flat tire because he wanted to prove he was right and he went into a soliloquy that went something like this:  I knew it, if you had driven on it you would have gotten 25 feet away and then you would have called me because you couldn’t drive it anymore and then we’d have to pay for a tow truck and the rims would be damaged and so would the wheel and it would have cost hundreds of dollars!  HUNDREDS!  You were just going to drive on it!  You can’t just drive on a flat tire!  Don’t you know what that does?!

My dad’s soliloquy caused me to say “OH MY GOSH DAD!  You are making me panic!!” and flap and he laughed really hard.

That is all for today.  Here is a picture of Hazel wearing her Halloween costume.


2 thoughts on “Donut Driving.

  1. Never a dull moment for you Darcy……Hazel on the other hand looks like she’d LOVE a dull moment (without a costume for instance!!!).


  2. Hazel has a little brother, Louie, who was dressed as the Hulk (he was dyed green and wore little jean shorts!), and I think between the little brother (who is a puppy, not a human, I should add) and the costume, she had enough!

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