My Cat Bites Me But She Loves Me.

I do believe I am going to send out Christmas cards this year, so, especially if I do not know you, you should send me your address because it would be super fun for you to get a card from me.  So e-mail your address to and I will send you a card.

I really like pudding and I really like crepes, and a long time ago in high school in French class someone made some sort of crepe and pudding cake and I want it.  It was layers.  There was a crepe.  Then there was pudding.  Then there was a crepe.  Then there was pudding.  And it went on like that for a long time.  I also like mashing up graham crackers and putting them in pudding.

A coworker asked me if I could go back and witness any historical event in the U.S., what would I choose and I had a hard time thinking of something.  Here were the rules – you would stay there for a few days, not the rest of your life.  If you went to some place dangerous, you could get killed.  You were not just an invisible witness, you were part of whatever was happening.  I finally said that I would go back to when my parents were kids and see what they were like.  I would find that much more interesting than being there when we landed on the moon or something, because I would just be watching that on tv, I would not actually be on the moon, plus, I am scared to go into outer space.

For those of you who are nice and post comments on here, where in history would you go, following those rules?

I do not understand why people always want to be in a relationship.  I am basing these comments off of an episode of Friends.  But also, it applies in general.  Relationships make things SO complicated, and everyone spends so much time worrying about if they are doing the right thing, and then one of the people cheats on the other and there is endless sadness and heartbreak and distrust, and even if there is no cheating, the chances of actually finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with are SO SLIM, it is really just inviting a lot of complication and sadness.  Sure, there are happy times, but if you were just friends and not dating there would be the happy times with none of that other stuff.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, like my parents or my brother and his wife.  But mostly, relationships are inviting trouble.  It causes stress and anxiety.  This is why I never dated and this is not to say I regret dating AJ because I do not, we are still super good fantastic friends and I would not want him to not be in my life, he must remain there forever.  However, if we were just friends the entire time, lots and lots of things would have been less traumatizing.  So let’s all be friends.

Comment with your history answer and e-mail me with your address.  These are your assignments.

I love my cat.




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  1. I would go back to Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia…April 9th thru the 12th 1865 to watch the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the ANV to Gen. Grant of the AOP. Then the 12th to see the surrender parage led by Gen. Chamberlain. My Great Great Grandfather would be there and I would need to seek him out. Then gather a few souvenirs.

    • Oooh, I knew you’d have a good one! You and Jeremy, because you are history guys, so you know about these things! That is awesome!

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