Board Games Are Fun For Everyone.

There is a lot of wind and a lot of tornados in places close by and it makes me very nervous, and I still have to take the garbage out tonight, which scares me anyway because it is dark out, so I always make my mom stand outside while I take it down, but now there are tornados on top of it being dark and that just sucks.  Generally my mom stands at the top of the driveway and yells “Go away bad guys!  Shoo!  Go away!” and I take the garbage and recycling down.  Sometimes when there is a lot of stuff, I put it all in my dad’s car and my mom drives it to the end of the driveway with me in the passenger seat and then I take it out of the car from there.

I put purple hair dye in my hair tonight and and it is still wet so I cannot tell if it is purple or not.  It is darker.

There is a commercial for Wii U that suggests getting the family together to play video games is a good way to bond.  That is a far cry from….oh my gosh, I am actually going to say it…when I was a kid.  I do not think I approve.  The parents are happy and smiling in the kitchen making dinner, and the son is playing video games, and then the parents abandon their bonding time and sit their asses on the couch with the son and play video games, and then the sister sits her ass on the couch and just watches them play.  It is stupid.  What happened to board games?  Like, for real?  I am all for video games, I enjoy them, but when your kids are 16 or under, you should play board games with them sometimes.  Or cards.  How about a nice game of cards?  It just seems wrong that family bonding time is Mario Cart.  My mom used to lock us out of her bedroom and play Pac-Man, there was no family bonding.  She was VERY serious about Pac-Man.  But damn it, we played board games and cards.  How else would I be able to recite all of the legal Scrabble two letter words and all the Q without the U words?!  That is a talent I would give up for nothing.  NOTHING.

I also love me some technology, but I just saw a commercial for Advil with an “ion core”.  Is that necessary?  They have to make pain killers sound technologically advanced?  Granted, I have no idea what an ion core is, but it SOUNDS like something you would find on your iPhone and I have a feeling that is what they want me to think – that my Advil is so technologically advanced that it will heal my headache wayyyyy better than non-technological Tylenol.

Here is the last thing I hate about commercials – I hate it when they try to make it seem authentic like the person was surprised they are on a commercial and they are not reading a script.  Oh!  How pleasant that you showed up at my house with a bowl of cereal and asked my opinion and I happen to think it is God’s gift to cereal?!  What a coincidence!  Or that one where they pawn Hamburger Helper out on people and everyone is like “Oh hot damn, this is fantastic”.  Damn it, it is mac and cheese with ground meat.  You are NOT that impressed with it.

I really love corn, but I refuse to eat it.  I do not want to say why.  Ok, I will say why.  Corn does not get digested.  It comes out the same way it goes in.  I cannot handle that.  Why does it have to taste so good if it is going to do gross things like that after you eat it??

I had to ask my mom to put lotion on my back tattoo because I cannot reach it, and I stood next to my dad, who was sitting in his chair, and I said “Mom, put lotion on my tattoo” and my dad said “OH MY GOD, YOU DIDN’T GET ANOTHER ONE?” and he was all shocked, and I was all like, “Well no, not yet” and he said “And you aren’t going to!  You don’t need another one, that’s just crazy”.  It was REALLY funny because I had no idea he had any opinion on the matter.  I mean, I know he does not prefer tattoos, but not to that extent!  When I got my first one on my hand I had it for about two weeks before I said “Did you notice I have a tattoo on my hand?” and his reaction was “Aw geez, what’d you do that for?” and that was it.  Then my back tattoo, I said “It is a great work of art” and he said “So have someone paint it and put it on your wall” and that was that.

OMG – another commercial I hate.  Febreze.  The car that they put old pizza and garbage in and people sit in it and say it smells like a man and they want to wrap it around themselves.  That does not happen.  I do not believe Febreze can cover a car filled with garbage.  At least not for an actual period of time.  Maybe if they sprayed it, shoved the people in the car, then pulled them out two minutes later – MAYBE then it would work.


Here is a picture of me and my cat because I love her.

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