Juice Irony But Not Really Irony.

More like an Alanis Morissette kind of irony.

I eat whatever I want.  The idea of a “treat” means nothing to me because on pretty much a daily basis I eat any kind of cake or ice cream or cookies that I want.  I can easily figure out how much insulin to take based on what I eat, so while it looks like I am a “bad Diabetic”, really, I am just a bad human being in terms of my eating habits.  But I do not drink regular soda and I do not drink fruit juice and people laugh when I say it is because I am Diabetic, since I eat crap all the time.  With juice or Coke, that causes blood sugar to go up SUPER high, SUPER fast, so it is nearly impossible to calculate insulin and then just casually drink juice.  Sometimes I want fruit juice SO BADLY that I will sneak into Walgreens like an addict seeking out crack, buy a thing of juice and drink it in my car.  I did that tonight with grape juice and omg, it was so good.  That was my irony, that I cannot drink fruit juice but I eat cookies and crap all the time.  And I know that is not really irony.

I was driving home from work and I saw four police cars in three different cities pulled off to the side of the road.  Not like they were waiting for someone to speed by and catch them, but as if they pulled over because their cars stopped working or something.  It was eerie seeing one police car like that, but then when I saw three more, it was really weird, kind of like the episode of Dr. Who where the plastic comes alive and then all the mannequins are attacking people and then all of a sudden The Doctor and Rose save everything, and all the plastic things stop and fall over dead in their tracks.  That is what I imagined happened to the police people in the police cars.  They pulled over and just stopped existing.

Then I went to the post office because the lobby is open 24 hours for your postal needs….just not if you need stamps because they do not have a stamp machine in there.  Why else would I go to the post office at 9pm?  I need 100 postcard stamps, damn it.  Why would you not put a stamp machine in a stupid post office lobby?


That is a time lapse picture of one second in which my cat goes from happily snuggling to trying to rip my face off.  I love her.

I want more juice.


Look how cute her little pawsies are.  All crossed like a fancy kitty.

6 thoughts on “Juice Irony But Not Really Irony.

  1. Where in the photos of you and Sabrina is she “happily snuggling?” To me it looks like she is thinking “I’m going to rip off her face. I’M GOING TO $&!@ING RIP OFF HER FACE!!! YES! I’m ripping off her face!!!

  2. That psycho cat of yours crack me up completely… she is lovely!
    Hey – maybe the policemen have run out of “juice”…. you should stop and offer them some!

  3. I don’t think the have stamp machines anywhere anymore. There used to be stamp machines in nearly every post office and now there are not. This vexes me also. Now I have to interact with people to get my stamps grrr.

    • That is so frustrating!! I asked my dad to go get me stamps and he said “Go get them yourself, get up a few minutes earlier and go before work”, so now I am even more cranky about stamps.

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