Sneaky Ham Hams.

Today I went to the Starbucks drive through and the way it is set up is kind of stupid.  The ordering part is right in the middle of a parking lot where there is a stop sign and parking.  So to get in line, you have to stop at the stop sign and wait until the car that is actively ordering moves forward.  Meanwhile, people can come from the left and get in your way because they are trying to either turn right, thereby passing you and going towards the rest of the parking lot, or they are trying to get into the Starbucks line at an odd angle.  The CORRECT way is to stop at the stop sign and wait.  I did that, and a car pulled up behind me and sat there for about a minute.  Then she pulled up next to me, driving on the wrong side of the road, past me, and into line in front of me.  I was shocked that someone could be so rude and bold.  I mean, SHE CUT IN LINE!  I was thinking of all the things I would write about this evil woman.  I just knew she skinny and pretty and thought she could do whatever she wanted.  Then the time came for the line to move up and this SUV was where *I* should have been, so I stayed where I was.  The SUV also did not move.  That confused me.  So I stayed where I was longer, and so did the SUV.  Then I realized she was letting me go in front of her.  I pulled up and paused when I got to her and she made an “I’m embarrassed, I’m so sorry” face, and I waved at her and smiled.  I was SO HAPPY that she was just clueless and not rude.  She was embarrassed by her mistake and she fixed it.  She just did not realize that I was doing it THE RIGHT WAY by stopping at the stop sign and waiting to move forward until there was room.

I was so happy that she was not a mean person and I felt so bad at the very nasty thoughts I had thunk that I paid for her order as well as mine to reward her.  Do not be too impressed, I was paying with a gift card someone gave me.  They got the gift card from someone else, but the person who gave it to me does not drink Starbucks, so I inherited it.

I have been seeing a lot of commercials encouraging me to travel to Korea lately.  As far as I know, one Korea has an insane evil dictator and the other Korea is oppressed and poor and miserable.  Does anyone go to Korea on vacation?

I want to get a hamster to live with me at work.  I mean, not that I live at work.  I mean that the hammy would live at work and he would be mine and I would take care of him.  But I want to give him a really nice set up, so I am waiting until I have enough money to buy a really nice cage with those attachy tube things so I can give him more than one room.  Once I buy his nice cage set up, I will send someone to go buy the hammy.  Ideally I will rescue a hammy but really, I think that buying one from a pet store is rescuing more than adopting a hammy from a rescue group.  Pet store hammy’s do not have nice lives, and rescue hammy’s probably have nicer accommodations.  However I would not be able to go and pick out just one ham ham, so I have to send someone else.  Then the big sneaky part of all of it is that I am going to set up a smaller vacation home cage at my house.  My parents will not notice this cage.  Then when I need to bring the ham home, on long weekends or things like that, I will just bring him home in a carrying cage and put him in his vacation home.  My parents will NEVER KNOW.

Here is a picture of Cooper the Puggle and an itty bitty baby tiny kitten.


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    • I have had hamsters in the past and now that I am a 37 year old adult living in my parent’s house, they’ve decided they don’t want “rodents”. I had Ken the Hamster last year and they said no more hammy’s. We shall see about that!

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