Flying Darcy J.

I am going to go here.  

I am not going there for another month, but I am super excited about it.  I can guarantee I am going to come out injured, but it will be worth it to jump and fly like that.

Today I am actually writing about a strange phenomena in my line of work.  Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.  So if your dog has allergies and you buy pet insurance, you would be covered for anything not related to allergies.  There is a HUGE number of people who say “Well if you aren’t going to cover allergies, why would I buy insurance?”

This astounds me.  As if there is nothing else that could possibly go wrong other than allergies.  Forget cancer, broken legs, pulled muscles, respiratory infections, diabetes, seizures…I could keep going.  Should I keep going?  I am going to keep going.  Infections, rattlesnake bites, bites from random bugs or other animals, joint issues, arthritis, eye issues, breathing issues, “happy tail” (yes, that is a thing)…are you getting the point, or should I keep going?  You know what, I’ll just keep going.  Throwing up, not eating, sudden weight loss, sudden weight gain, thyroid issues, kidney issues, liver issues, cataracts.   See?  I think you are probably getting the point, right?  So we won’t cover allergies – there is still a very valid point to get insurance.

These people who say that, they ALWAYS have the same MO.  They say “My dog has allergies, so I wanted to get insurance to cover her medicine, it costs $15 a month”.  I say “I am sorry, we actually are unable to cover preexisting conditions, but you can still get insurance for anything else that might happen”.  Then they scoff at me – the LITERALLY SCOFF AT ME – and they say “Why would I bother getting insurance if you aren’t going to cover my dog’s allergies?”  Inevitably I will list other things that might be covered, and I will go on with that list until they stop me – so I may end up saying 4 things, I may end up saying 15 things, I just keep going.  Then they say “Well my dog is fine, he just has allergies.”

As my coworker says “That’s great that you have a crystal ball and can see into the future and know your dog won’t ever develop anything else, can you tell me what you see in my future?”

This is not to say we are wishing that your dog develops something, we certainly don’t.  We don’t want OUR pets to develop anything and we really do not want your pets to develop anything, either.  I am very naive, but even I am not naive enough to say “Well, nothing is ever going to happen.”  That is a bold statement.

And now we interrupt this rant to say that my mom just called me to chat on the phone, and she is on the porch and I am in the Family Room.  Also, I do not chat on the phone, that is not something I do.  I do not do that.  I hate the phone and I rarely answer it, let alone use it to chat with someone who is in the same house.  But she does that, my mom.  She calls me to chat and then I say “I hate being on the phone, I am going to hang up now” and she makes fun of me.

To be fair, I went upstairs to bed the other night – I might have actually written about this already.  It is pathetic that I cannot remember.  Anyway, I was in bed and it was super cold out and I had just read about this couple in a neighboring city and they were 71 and 73, my parent’s exact ages, and the man died of natural causes (something heart related) and for some reason the woman was unable to take care of herself and she died of hypothermia.  I cannot picture this happening to my parents, particularly because I live here, too, and would notice if they were dead/dying/cold, but just to be sure, when I was in my bed upstairs, I called my mom on the phone (she was on the porch) and said “Do you have hypothermia?” and she said “Not that I’m aware of” and I said “Ok”.  I figured I should check more often.

Here is a picture of my cat staring at the back of the couch.


She does that sometimes.  She just sits and stares at a wall or the couch or something.

And here is a picture of Brutus the One Eyed Lab and Lola the Part Pit Bull Puppy.  They are friends.

Lola and Brutus