My Overly Exciting New Year’s Eve.

Awhile back someone asked me what my craziest or most memorable New Year’s Eve was, and I really did not have any good response because, while I do something every year, it is never that exciting.

This year may have topped the least exciting New Year’s Eve ever, and it really kind of sucked.

First, I was babysitting my ex-boyfriend’s cats so he could go out overnight with his new woman.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  We had planned on doing nothing together on New Year’s Eve just like we always have, until Sunday, when I found out I would not be involved in our New Year’s Eve plans anymore.  We have been just friends for a year, and that has been working out way better than any time we were dating (to recap, we dated for six years, friends now for just over a year).  So it is completely within the realm of right and proper that he should have a new girlfriend.

So I had to ask, and this was humiliating, could I please go to his house while he was out with his woman so that my parents do not feel sorry for me, and then I will just go home after midnight.  That was when it was decided his date would be an overnight date and I would actually be needed to take care of his cats.  It was a plus that I was not just hiding to save face, I was actually necessary.

It sucked for me, though.  First, I’m selfish.  Even though we are just friends, I don’t want him spending time with anyone else.  I am immature like that.  Second, I have spent New Year’s Eve with him, friend or dating, for the past 7 years.  Third, this was the first time ever that I spent New Year’s Eve alone, and not even with my own cat.  FOURTH, I demanded a cheese tray and I get the impression he did not have time to go to a proper grocery store, and so it was of a lower quality than a normal cheese tray and about an hour after I ate most of it…well, I spent a good two hours puking my guts out.  And this is not one of those great “Boy did I get drunk and throw up” stories, no.  I ate cheap cheese and suffered.  And FIFTH, this was only their third date and I got ditched for the new girl.

To his credit, he has been trying extra hard to make this go right and to not completely neglect me and all that.  He has been doing very well and he checks in on me often to make sure I am not in a Nest of Depression.

I have been writing in a secret blog that will never be posted the story of me and my ex.  I have been through a lot.  It is worth it to end up with my friend as a friend and hopefully I will not be ousted.  I have faith that this time it will work.

So anyway, that was my New Year’s Eve – how was my New Year’s Day, you ask?  I do not know because I spent the entire time in a Nest of Depression trying to forget the previous night and anticipating all the horrible things that will happen in the coming year.  I stayed in bed for 24 hours straight, most of the time asleep.  My Fitbit probably exploded because it could not figure out why there were no steps being taken.  (a Fitbit is a step counter thing)

Did I mention I dyed my hair green?  I did.  I love it.


Here are the kitties I was babysitting, Sophia and Miss Kitty.  Sophia is the first picture and Miss Kitty is the second picture.



All in all, apart from a crappy two days, I am my usual, happy, excited for no reason, goofy self.  It takes a lot to bring me down, but when it does, I go waaaayyyyyy down.  But then I bounce right back up.  Why, you ask?  Because I am a Fighting Spirit.


And yes, that IS a can of Fresca in the picture.  I freaking love Fresca.  And I love my best friend.  And I get through EVERYTHING and I always will.

As a side note, December 21st was the 9 year anniversary of the death of my soul mate, Catharine.  That always messes me up and there is a good chance my overly emotional New Year’s Eve state was partly a result of thinking about her as well.  It is not fun losing friends, either to death or to natural drifting apart or to other people.  I tend to keep my friends, as they know, and I do not let them leave.  If you are my friend, you pretty much have to die to get rid of me.