Change Is Bad Part 3.

I hate change.  You can read about that here and here.

Right now there are way too many changes happening.  First, my friend Lindsey got a new job.  That is very good for her, but now she does not work with me, and that is bad.

Second, this means the desks are going to change around again.  Christine now sits where Lindsey did and a new person will sit where Christine did.

Third, this means a new person will be starting, who I am sure I will like perfectly fine, but you know, she is new and I do not know her.

Then my baby kitty is sick and has an irregular spleen and she has to stay overnight in the hospital, maybe even for two nights, and she has never been away from home and it is horrible.  She also might have to have her spleen taken away and she is 14 and that is not good.

Then AJ said that when he finally gets a girlfriend nothing will change and he was wrong.  He got a girlfriend and it is completely different and everything changed and there is nothing the same about it at all.  He said nothing would change and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.

Then the universe is doing some crappy weather event thing and we are all going to freeze to death and die and I hate that.  And I am even more worried than normal about all the homeless animals.

There is not enough Klonopin in the world to get me through all of this.

Here is a picture of my poor baby on her way to the vet.