I Fall A Lot Part II

I fall a lot.  I have described some of my more epic falls here.  I fell again today.

I had a really bad day yesterday, and an even worse day today, so I went to get a tattoo and on the way it was such a horrible blizzard, I could not continue so I got a Mocha Frappe from McDonalds and then called my mom and asked if she needed anything and she said she needed potato chips and peanuts for the squirrels.

I stopped at a gas station and got potato chips and two scratch off lottery tickets which I am sure were a waste of money and I will not win on, and then I went to the Squirrel Food Store which is a tiny little house on route 43 and I parked on a hill and went in.

First, there was a kitty, and so I pet the kitty a lot and picked her up and she purred and she liked me.

Then I bought three bags of peanuts and went home and when I came in my parents said I was crazy for buying three bags of peanuts and I really do not think there was anything crazy about that.  Then I went outside to give the peanuts to the squirrels and my mom said I have to make a path around the base of each tree and put the peanuts there because the squirrels do not like to hop through the deep snow.  So I was shuffling around a tree making a path and I shuffled into a root thing on the ground and bit it face first into the snow.  It hurt and was very cold and wet.  My wrists hurt and so does my neck and my right ankle.  I continued shuffling around each tree and then put one of the bags of peanuts out and then I filled the bird feeder, too.

I miss my cat a lot and one of the Dar Dar Whisperers has lost their position and I am very wet and sore right now.  I am wearing one of my scarves, which makes me happy because it is soft, but overall, today is a bad day.

I watched a video of Sabrina and it made me sad, even though it made me happy to pet the cat at the Squirrel Food Store.  The people at the Squirrel Food Store kept asking me if I needed anything because I think they thought I just came in to pet the cat, which I might do in the future, I do not know.  I pet the cat for a good ten minutes before I go the peanuts.

Then I tried to get out of the parking lot and my car sort of floated along like it was a boat because it was all snowy but eventually I got out of the parking lot and my neighborhood had not been plowed, so I floated like a boat through the streets and I passed a guy walking two dogs, one very big and one very little, and I was going so slow that when I went near them the big dog came to the car to greet me, which I liked.

Now I am watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it is very close to the part where Dumbledore dies and that makes me sad, but the worst part of all the movies is when Hedwig dies.