Mr. Meow Meow.

My cat Sabrina died and now I have a new cat named Mr. Meow Meow and he looks just like Sabrina but he is much smaller.  That picture right there is Mr. Meow Meow, not Sabrina.


A ladybug landed on the table next to me and so I put a little pool of ice cream next to him in case he was hungry and then my mom said ladybugs eat leafy things, but we did not have any, so I gave him some broccoli and when I woke up the next day he was gone.

I got another tattoo and it is not the one I have been planning on that is going to go on my forearm, but it is one I have been planning and here it is.


It means “powerful, mighty, strong, resilient, durable”.  You may recall the one on my left hand.


That one means “fighting spirit”.  So basically, between my two hands, I am invincible.

Mr. Meow Meow can jump very high and he likes to run wherever he goes.  He jumped from the floor to the top of a 7 foot shelf without any assistance.  Sometimes he stands up like a Meerkat.

I just saw a commercial where a guy and a girl were out to dinner together and she was absorbed in her phone and texting, so he texted her and said “look up” and she did.  At that point, I would have stood up and said “Look here, bitch, we are out to dinner together, get off your freaking phone”.  But what he did was give her a diamond necklace.  That shows he is a moron because if the person sitting across the table from you cannot give you the time of day now, imagine a year from now when you are even less interesting.

I have eaten vegetables every night for the past four nights and while that is not a significant feat for most adults, it is for me.

I miss Sabrina very much and I think about her every single day.  When I am not thinking about her, I am thinking about my dead best friend Catharine.  Mr. Meow Meow does not like to squish or be squished, but he purrs a lot and head bonks a WHOLE lot, so that is ok.  I like him very much.  Sabrina was the most squishable cat on earth.  She liked to be squished.  They have very different personalities, but they look so much alike, it is weird.

I did my taxes by myself.

That is all.

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  1. Ha! Mr. M will probably slow down and stop running everywhere when he realizes there isn’t a 65# pit bull around the next corner!

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