Commercials And Stuff.

Here are some commercials I hate.

Little Caesar’s Pizza where the Mexican guys are singing.  I am 99% sure they sing to the “plop plop, fizz fizz” tune, and that is stealing, and they should not steal.  Also, it makes me desperately want Diet Dr. Pepper with a lot of ice, and really, I am not a fan of carbonated beverages and I am never happy once I have one, even if I think I really want one.

The Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test commercial.  I respect that the commercial is unclear – maybe those are sisters, and one is telling the other she is pregnant;  maybe they are a lesbionic couple and one is telling the other she is pregnant;  maybe they are friends.  Whatever, I do not care.  What I care deeply about is that the pregnant woman whips out the pregnancy test that she took and shows it to the other woman.  Once you pee on a stick, do YOU carry it around with you?  I think not.  There is no reason for her to have that stick with her.  That is just unrealistic.

The new Honey Nut Cheerios commercials where the Bee tries to be like, some kind of R&B performer and it is just awful.  The Bee just does not do that.  I love me some Honey Nut Cheerios but I may stop eating them on principle.

Kit Kat commercials.  Again, I love Kit Kats, but you do not need to show me how much happier and more fun my life will be if I just have a Kit Kat with me.  I eat Kit Kats daily, and I am not prancing around in a photo booth taking pictures with my candy bars.  That is ridiculous.  Who came up with that?  Is a Kit Kat seriously going to make your life that much more fun and care free?  No.  No it is not.

KY commercials.  Not necessary.  Just.  No.

The Clorox Bleach commercial with that tool who puts on different costumes and says that it cleans “twice as many gloves” or whatever, and he is just such an idiot and I can not even stand the sight of him.  Something about his face just really angers me.  It really just, ugh, gets me all revved up and angry. Why does he have to put on different costumes?  He is an ugly woman.  And the thing with the gloves, there are THREE  HANDS not four, why is that “twice as many” because IT IS NOT.  The only way that would be twice as many gloves is if you had 1.5 hands, and YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT.

Charmin commercials.  Do not take cute animals and have them be blatantly honest about things related to the ass.  We do not need to be that open about ass issues.  We all know there are some issues when it comes to cheap toilet paper, we do not need to discuss it.  Everyone buys toilet paper, it does not need to be advertised.  Especially in detail.

In a similar vein, the Cottonelle commercial for adult butt wipes.  Just because the woman is British does not make it ok to go around talking to people about, once again, things related to their asses.  Cute bears are not ok, and neither is a perky British woman.  The fact remains that we are still talking about ass things.

Here are commercials I like.

All Geico commercials because they are funny and usually feature animals, but my favorite is the camel.  He is a very good looking camel.  Plus he says funny things.  And I like the commercial they show in movie theaters with him, too.

State Farm commercials – they are all funny and I like that.

All State commercials – sometimes it freaks me out when someone else starts talking with the deep man voice, but ultimately, they are funny.

So it seems I really like insurance commercials.

This makes me laugh every single time I see it.



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  1. I, too, am a known fan of insurance commercials and have attained some degree of notoriety for expressing my interest at inappropriate times. 😀

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