Green Day And Birthday Cake.

I have liked Green Day since 1992 when Kerplunk was released.  I know, given my affinity for show tunes, my hatred of bad words and references to naked activities, etc, it seems unlikely that I would like them.  But I do, I love Green Day and always have.  At some point in my mid-20’s, I decided I wanted a tattoo based on the song Extraordinary Girl, because I love that song and it spoke to me.  It said, Darcy, YOU are the Extraordinary Girl, living in an ordinary world, and you can’t seem to get away.  I could never figure out how exactly this tattoo would look, though, because I did not want to just have words tattooed on me without anything else.  This plagued me for years, trying to figure out how to get this tattooed on me in a way that I liked.

Fast forward to now, or more accurately, a few months ago.  I still love Green Day but have not obsessed over them in the way that I did previously.  Then I saw the tour of American Idiot and my love was rekindled, which I find funny because the reason you would not think I love Green Day is because of my showtuney lifestyle, and the thing that brought me back to obsessing over Green Day was a tour of a Broadway show.  So there’s that.  But this also rekindled my obsession with the Extraordinary Girl tattoo.



Then I met a tattoo artist who designed this and my 10 year long dream of having an Extraordinary Girl tattoo was finally realized.

Birthday cake is important and I like it very much and it has become a generic flavor in many things.  It basically means whatever you are going to eat is going to taste like vanilla cake batter.  Birthday Cake ice cream – good.  Birthday Cake frozen yogurt – good.  Birthday Cake itself – good.  Birthday Cake M&Ms – not good.  Not good at all.  I do not know why they thought this was a good idea, but Birthday Cake M&Ms basically taste like burnt marshmallows and not in the good way when you actually burn a marshmallow while making s’mores and it tastes delicious.  It tastes like burnt marshmallows in the very bad way.  The one good thing about these M&Ms is the size – they are the size of peanut M&Ms and it is a pleasant texture to bite into.

American Idiot is going to be at the Beck Center not this summer, but next summer.  They have announced it now, and they have announced who will be in the lead role and it is my favorite actor in Cleveland and now I have to wait over a year for this to happen.  You may recall my obsession with Next to Normal at the Beck Center – this will be beyond that, that is how excited I am for it.  I was debating whether or not to include a link to my favorite actor’s You Tube page, because, while he is well aware of my obsession with him, I think it MIGHT be starting to creep him out.  But he has an amazing voice, and everyone must hear it, so here – you can thank me later:

Even if you do not like musical theater, just watch it, for real.  So one of my all time favorite bands that I have been obsessed with since I was like, 14 or something, plus my all time favorite voice in Cleveland.  And I have to wait over a year.

Ok, and just because I know you are thinking “Wow, I wish I could hear more Dan Folino”, here you go:

I swear I am not creepy.