My Mom Went Zip Lining.

We have this place called Zip City near us, and they have trampolines and zip lining.  I have bounced at a trampoline place before and it was really fun, but this one was way too crowded.  We went with my  nieces and my brother and my sister in law, and my mom declared she was going to do the zip line.  My mom is bad ass!

Here is proof:

Apparently she closed her eyes and screamed the whole way down, but I do not think you can hear that in the video.

An amazing miraculous person said she was looking for odd jobs to get some vacation cash, and I said hey, any chance you want to clean my rooms in exchange for money?  She did, and I cannot believe the difference.  Remember, 10 years of living on my own in fairly large apartments, and now I live in two extremely small bedrooms – that is a LOT of downsizing.  And I needed to downsize even more to make my rooms functional.  So Deanna came and worked a miracle and my rooms are now functional and organized and I no longer look like a hoarder.  I have a newfound lease on life by having functional rooms.  The only thing that does not function is the window shade, and that means I have to hide in strange ways when I get dressed, but that is ok.  If I were to pull the shade down, the whole thing would fall down.  So my dad has to take it off and rearrange the level or something, and then put it back up.

I am going to update my Dogs Eating Peanut Butter videos, so keep an eye on that.

I had to take a LOT of Klonopin because earlier tonight I heard a bunny being murdered by a hawk and it was the most awful thing ever.  The bunny was screaming.  I ran outside and did not see anything, so I ran to the porch and told my mom what I heard, and this is how powerful my ability to black things out is – she said I heard that noise before and we figured out what it was, but that if I did not remember, she did not want to tell me.  But then I remembered and it was horrible and a lot of flapping ensued, as did rocking, as did Klonopin taking.

I am rereading the whole Harry Potter series to prepare for Harry Potter trivia on July 31st. I have doubts about whether I will make it through the last two books, and those are the ones I have the least detailed memories about.  I probably should have started at the end and read backwards, that would have made a lot more sense.

Also we had a sleepover at work to raise money for charity, and this is what happens when you involve yoga items and rollerblades and a very large area: