I Went To NYC And Did Not Get Hit By A Cab.

You may recall I went to New York and got hit by a cab.  Well, I went to New York again and this time I did not get hit by a cab.  SUCCESS!

I am going to write all about my adventures soon, and hopefully be better about writing blogs in general, but in the meantime, I present to you….



My mom’s winter set up.  We keep her on the porch usually, so she can watch tv and smoke.  I decided she is too old to be stuck on the porch through the winter anymore, and I suggested we move her into the kitchen.  I thought we would just set her tv up on the kitchen table, but this is what I came home to.  It is hilarious.  Mr. Meow Meow does not know what to make of it.  And yes, the kitchen table is now on the porch.

While I was gone, another thing that happened is that my iMac “died”.  It has not actually died, I think the hard drive needs to be replaced, but my dad panicked – he checks stocks multiple times a day and keeps track of where my mom is by watching charges appear on the credit card, and in his panic, he called a neighbor who declared the iMac dead, and my dad ordered a new computer (a Dell) all in the span of an hour.  The iMac is not dead.

More to come soon!