My Bucket List

This is a Bucket List and a Wish List because some of the things just Aren’t Going to Happen, but in a perfect world, they would!

And as with my list of fears and quirks, this list will be ever growing – and hopefully every once in awhile I’ll be marking some as “Finished”!

  1. Sky dive – that’s right, she who is afraid of everything wants to sky dive.
  2. Go to DisneyWorld
  3. Create and run an animal sanctuary
  4. See Green Day in concert Updated to add:  see Green Day in concert more
  5. Produce a benefit concert that brings in tons of money that I would use to buy stuff for homeless people, but also allows me to watch all of my favorite local talent singing things that I have dictated (or at least heavily influenced)
  6. Change someone’s life significantly for the better
  7. Pet one of every animal
  8. Go to France
  9. See REM in concert
  10. Meet Ellen Degeneres and hang out with her
  11. See the Indians win a World Series and the Browns win the Superbowl
  12. Finally find a hat that looks good on my head
  13. Get my third and final tattoo This has been updated since I now have 5 tattoos and want one more
  14. Experience life without wrist pain Cortisone shots for the win!  Nope, not a win. Just kidding.  Still with the wrist pain.
  15. Build the biggest collection of saint books in the U.S.
  16. Live somewhere with an in ground swimming pool in the backyard
  17. Go to Alaska
  18. See U2 in concert
  19. Have a credited role in a tv show or movie (even though I don’t act!)
  20. Live in New York City
  21. Go to New England for a month in the fall
  22. Be able to do the “trust fall” – where you stand on a table and a group of people link arms and you fall backwards and they catch you
  23. Own stock in Apple
  24. Go in a helicopter and live to tell
  25. Take a prize winning photograph
  26. Invent something
  27. Find a way to recreate Slush Puppy slushies in my own home (I have yet to find a slushy maker that works)
  28. Feel like I look good in what I’m wearing, no matter what size I am – whether that means losing weight so I feel like I look good or finding clothes that look good on me as I am, I don’t know
  29. Change someone’s opinion about something (it doesn’t matter who or what the opinion is!)
  30. See Justice served more often than not (I don’t know if that means changing the way the news reports things, or actually changing the justice system)
  31. Influence someone’s life in a good way
  32. Get Dan Folino and Amiee Collier to record an 8 disc CD set of all my song requests
  33. Develop rhythm
  34. Learn to dance
  35. Become bendier
  36. Visit people I’ve known online for 10+ years but have never met in person
  37. Get someone famous to record my voicemail greeting
  38. Bake with someone who knows what they are doing
  39. Go to Italy
  40. Go to Ireland
  41. Eat something that is weird and enjoy it (an entire page could be dedicated to my food issues!)
  42. Run a mile (without injuring myself)
  43. Become a legend for saving the lives of animals
  44. Fix my front teeth because I hate them because of a dentist who tricked me
  45. Hold Ken the Vicious Bite Hamster without him biting me
  46. Kick my Snoopy Street Fair addiction I replaced it with an addiction to High School Story I replaced that with an addiction to Rummikub
  47. Learn how to have a conversation instead of just stating facts that may or may not have anything to do with what other people are talking about
  48. Get laser hair removal so I don’t have to pluck my eyebrows anymore
  49. Get my parents a cleaning service to make up for the years I spent messing up their neat and tidy house
  50. Have coffee with every one of my Facebook friends within the next 5 years (by October 2019)
  51. Become friends with a koala
  52. Become friends with an owl
  53. Have a trained rat as a pet and he will ride on my shoulder or in my pocket and stay with me all the time
  54. Publish my blog as a book but with more things and better writing
  55. Take my nieces to NYC when they turn 16
  56. Open my own candy store that is a combination of Honeydukes and the one from Willy Wonka and I can make all the candy and it will be amazing and also it will have an olde tyme soda fountain

4 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Sandy, I could take care of a few things on my bucket list if I come visit you – New England in the fall, you and your family could catch me while I do a trust fall…I’m seeing some good things, here 😉 Seriously, though, if I ever do get to go there, first stop is your house! In fact, you just inspired another Bucket List thing that I’m about to add…

  2. #31 – we finally met in person a couple of years ago! Let me know when you want to come back to Atlanta! 🙂

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! If I can assist in completion of said tasks, please don’t hesitate to let me know!! Also, I wrote a bucket list a year or so ago, if you are able to assist me in any way, also let me know. 🙂

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