Things I’m Afraid Of/My Special Quirks

Ok, this isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list, first of all.  Second of all, I’m not technically SCARED of all these things, so I will be rating them on a 1-5 scale.  Also, I’ll be constantly adding things because there is no way I can add all my fears in one fell swoop.

      1 – I have learned over the years to cope with this, but I do not like it                        2 – I cope, but avoid when possible                                                                                   3 – I will start a frustration dance, small flaps or hide                                                    4 – I will do a complete frustration dance, a complete flap and run in a circle, a complete duck and cover, or some other reaction that I am unable to predict       5 – Actual Fear

  1. Death (5)
  2. Rocking back and forth (Quirk)
  3. Weather (5)
  4. Fluorescent Light Bulbs (5)
  5. Regular Light Bulbs (3)
  6. Guns (4)
  7. Rubbing my hands together in a weird way that most people apparently can’t do as quickly and seamlessly as I can (Quirk)
  8. Loud Noises (can range from 2-4)
  9. People talking at the same time (3-4)
  10. Cardboard (2)
  11. Sad Animals (5)
  12. Things I have anthropomorphized and believe they feel sad (3)
  13. Dead animals (5)
  14. At Ats from Star Wars (5)
  15. The Electric Grandmother (4)
  16. Bridges (3-4)
  17. Terrorists (5)
  18. People taking bath salts and eating me (5)
  19. Bees or other bugs that can sting me (4)
  20. Grasshoppers and Crickets (3-4)
  21. Two different kinds of music playing within a close enough distance that I can hear them both (2-3)
  22. Naked People (this is not a fear so much as something that makes me angry)
  23. Fire (5)
  24. Avoiding eye contact (Quirk)
  25. Hot things (3-4)
  26. Lava (5)
  27. Getting hit with something randomly, like a baseball or a branch falling off a tree (3)
  28. Waking up and seeing Moose Moose (my stuffed Moose)’s antlers and thinking it is a hand reaching for my face (4)
  29. Any insect laying its eggs in, on or near me (5)
  30. Having those eggs hatch (5)
  31. The airplane that goes over my house every night at 2am that sounds like it is going to crash and I have to stop breathing until it passes because I am convinced that it really is headed directly for my house (3)
  32. Pilot lights (5)
  33. Needing to be in the lane second from the right on the Valley View Bridge (Quirk)
  34. Baths (I hate them) (Quirk) (It’s disgusting to sit in standing water)
  35. Shaking my head back and forth really hard until it suddenly feels calm and relaxed (Quirk)
  36. Meat (this is only an occasional fear – getting food poisoning four times will do this to a person)
  37. Ceiling fans (1-2)
  38. Space Heaters (4-5)
  39. Having people say my name when they are speaking to me, not trying to get my attention – i.e. “Hey Darcy” is ok, but “Darcy, I’ve been reading this book…” is not ok (Quirk)
  40. Watching The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon spazzes me out because he reminds me of me (Quirk with some spazziness attached)
  41. Talking on the phone (I hate it and never know when it’s my turn to talk) (Quirk)
  42. Things that are Larger Than They Should Be (3-4, depending on the Thing)
  43. Bed Bugs (5)
  44. Having to inevitably some day kill an animal with my bare hands because I’ve tried to pet it and I wasn’t supposed to because it is a Wild Animal, and then it attacks me and I have no choice but to fight or die (3)
  45. Getting trapped in outer space (4)
  46. Going into outer space (5)
  47. Getting stuck in outer space but not dying instantly so you have to sit there and wait, knowing you are floating in outer space, waiting to die.  And if it takes awhile, that’s even worse.  Like, hey, it’s cool to be floating and not have gravity, but wait, why is my space shuttle leaving without me?  CRAP.  And then you float there just waiting to die (5)
  48. Falling – I don’t know if I’ve written blogs about this yet or not, but I have epically fallen out of Dobama Theater and in the Notre Dame College parking lot in ways that traumatized me so badly, I’m terrified I’m going to fall again.  And knowing me, there’s a good chance I will (4).
  49. ——-I’d like to point out that at this point, I’ve discussed this list of fears with a friend who is very similar to me, and she was able to pinpoint some things that have always plagued me, but I was never able to describe, exactly, so some of these are “stolen” from a friend with a better talent for putting things into words.
  50. Looking into a mirror for too long and seeing something move that shouldn’t (4-5)
  51. Seeing pictures of myself from the time I was 3 or 4 till now where my face looks EXACTLY THE SAME in every picture.  The same facial expression.  I try to make other facial expressions, but it always always always looks the same and it makes me angry (Quirk)
  52. The idea that dead people can see what we’re doing – are they looking at me in the shower?  (2-3)
  53. Being restrained (4-5)
  54. Air/Blow Dart guns – those things that you blow into and a dart comes shooting out (4-5)
  55. My startle reflex is amazing.  Startle me and you will be dealing with a flappy, panicky, possibly screechy person! (Quirk)
  56. Someone killing me in a movie theater – I hate when people sit behind me, I just assume they are there to shoot something into the back of my head (2-3)
  57. Food that is the wrong color, for instance, purple carrots or orange tomatoes (Quirk)
  58. Brown food – unless it’s chocolate, I don’t usually eat brown food, especially if it’s liquid – gravy, sauce, soup – if it’s brown, it’s bad (Quirk)
  59. The texture of tuna, steak, or any kind of meat when it is anything but well done (Quirk)
  60. My teeth breaking, chipping, or falling out (4)
  61. Electric wires and poles (4)
  62. Fish with teeth (3)
  63. Eyes that aren’t right, like the bad guy in Men in Black III, or people staring (3)
  64. Getting stuck in a time thing and being in the same location but a million years ago and not being able to get back (3)
  65. Basements (3-4)
  66. Being in a large crowd and not having an escape route (4)
  67. Being in a large crowd (4)
  68. The dark (3)
  69. Being in the balcony of a theater and having it collapse – likewise, being under the balcony of a theater and having it collapse – or more accurately, being in one of those places and fearing that it will collapse because I guess if it actually collapsed, that would scare anyone (4)
  70. Being up high (on a balcony or something) and thinking I should jump – I cannot explain this, but when I am in high up places I have to consciously tell myself not to jump.  I do not WANT to jump, but for some reason I think that I AM going to jump (3)

12 thoughts on “Things I’m Afraid Of/My Special Quirks

  1. This is inspiring me to start my own list. Especially when I get down to the end and say out loud, “Oh My God. I totally have a Number Twenty Nine.” I envision parts falling on each portion of my house and wondering if the various family members will be OK, dismembered, or remembered.

  2. I know I shouldn’t laugh at your fears….And I feel bad for this..however, I laughed so hard I cried just now. I was reminded of that bug picture with the egg-layer stinger….And, then I read “cardboard” and I couldn’t stop laughing. Again, I hope we can still be friends. I do share some similar fears. Sorry for laughing.

  3. I’ll give you a #31: eating broccoli at Erins house after a season of her husband refusing to use chemicals on the garden. Last week I found SIX little caterpillars in MY BROCCOLI ALONE and that was AFTER plucking a dozen live ones out of the stuff while washing it, and AFTER a ten minute boil. They were dead. I was disgusted.

  4. Erin, I will NEVER eat anything grown in your garden. Ever. Haha! It’s probably way more healthy that he doesn’t use chemicals, though. Anything I grow would be more chemical than vegetable.

  5. #34 I have had panic attacks, nearly to the point of jumping out of a moving car, when I thought we were going to drive over the New River Gorge Bridge while in WV on vacation. #12 is another one, sad pancakes have caused me a lot of grief in my life. Also #6, #32, #34, #40 and #48.

  6. EVE!!! I KNOW THAT BRIDGE! And my mom and I flat out refuse to go over it – we found another way to get to the same place that takes a little longer, but no way in hell am I going over that bridge. I also was driven to the point of an actual panic attack just from looking at the bridge.

  7. We never even saw the bridge, and I was convinced that I was going to fall off of it anyway. I was afraid that we were maybe on the road led to the bridge, and it was enough for me to freak the f@#k out!

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  9. Does that mean you don’t fear breaking your own neck when you crack your neck or biting your tongue completely off when biting your tongue? Those top my list.

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