Dystopian Futures and Lovely Days.

Today is the absolute perfect Fall Day.  Here is a picture of my lovely street. photo

Here is a picture of my lovely backyard.

photoHere is a picture of my lovely cat enjoying my lovely backyard.


Here is my mom with her Winter Set Up for sitting on the porch and watching tv.  The tv is in the dining room, inside the house.  This is so when Cold Weather occurs, the tv does not get damaged.  My mom, on the other hand, is on the porch, watching the tv that is inside the house, wearing headphones so she can hear it.  When Cold Weather occurs, she stays out there anyway.  It’s the tv we don’t want damaged.  When I took this picture she yelled “NO!  You are NOT blogging this.  NO!  I will kill you dead.  I will!  I will disown you.  You are disowned.  Go clean the bathrooms.  DO NOT POST THIS PICTURE”  So here’s the picture.


Last but not least, here is a picture of my cat when she came in from the porch and then sat and stared at me, which I took to mean she wanted a lift up on to her Kitty Condo so she can look out the front window.  The Kitty Condo WAS on the porch, but my mom decided it did not look nice out there, so she took away Sabrina Von Squishy’s chair that was in this window, which Sabrina Von Squishy liked very much, and put the Kitty Condo here instead, which Sabrina Von Squishy does NOT like.  She will not jump on it.  So I have to lift her on to it when she wants to sit on it and if I am not here, she does not get to sit in her window.  She is smart enough to stare at me when she wants a ride up, and no matter where I am in the house, she will find me and tell me when she wants to sit in her window.


That is my day in a nutshell.

I am going over to my friend Karyn’s house and she has two cats named Spartacus (formerly Sparkle until they found out she was a he) and Molly, a bird named Raptor who just moved in, and a dog whose name I can not remember but the dog is giant and fluffy and stays outside all the time because she has so much fur she gets overheated inside.  I am excited because I have not yet met the bird and the dog, they just moved in.  Well, they moved in with a human, not by themselves.  I already know the human.

On Tuesday, Allegiant by Veronica Roth comes out and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Then on Wednesday I am going to see Harry Connick Jr. and I have been waiting for that for a long time.  The problem is, once I download Allegiant on Tuesday, I will read the whole thing, not stopping to sleep.  Then I work SUPER early (for me) on Wednesday so that I can get off early so that I can go see Harry Connick Jr.  That means I will probably not sleep very much at all.  BUT I WILL KNOW HOW THE SERIES ENDS and that is all that matters.  For those who do not know, this is the third book in a series that started with Divergent, then Insurgent and it is about (what else) a dystopian future.  Divergent is currently being made into a movie with questionable casting choices, but I shall reserve judgement for when I actually see it.

In more exciting news, Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games, is coming out (in movie form – the book has been out for a long time) in November, so I am looking forward to that, too.  The movies are a lot better if you’ve read the books.

So what I’m saying is you all need to read the Divergent series and the Hunger Games series and then see the movies.

Now, here is your challenge.  It is very rare for people to respond to things on my blog, so to those of you who do respond, THANK YOU!  I want to know what you do in the Fall that are nice Fall Activities.  AJ and I always say “I want to do a Fall Activity” and then we do not know what to do.  So – what do YOU do?