This Is My Post From Work.

I am on my break, I would like to clarify that.

Today Ken went on an office adventure and visited people and he sat on Kate’s shoulder and went in her hair (which is long and wavy, so he got pretty far in there).  Luckily, Ken did not poop on Kate.  And Ken has never peed on anyone at all, he has amazing self restraint in that department.  Really, he does not poop on people unless he is away from his cage for too long.

I need to think of something new for my Mystery Button, does anyone out there have any particularly weird talents they would like to send to me on video and you can be my Mystery Button?  The more I look at the word Mystery, the more it doesn’t look like a real word anymore.

Sabrina’s lessons are going well.  She knows how to high five and sit, and she is currently learning how to meow on command, because she has the cutest kitty voice ever.  In a choir of kitties, she would be a soloist.

Last night AJ was standing behind me, so naturally I grabbed his arms and leaned forward, pulling him up on my back so that his legs were dangling in the air.  It was really funny and somehow it made my back feel really nice, so I left him there.  After awhile, he wanted to get down but I wouldn’t let him, so he just had to hang there saying “Come on, please?  I have to go to bed!  Let me down!” and he would kick his little feet that were dangling in the air and it was funny.

My mom has become addicted to reality shows because we put a tv on her porch.  If I have not explained the porch yet, here it is – my mom smokes so we make her sit out on the porch.  It is a nice porch and we have a nice backyard to look at.  For awhile, she sat out there and read a book a day, but then she got bored.  My dad called the cable people and they came and put cable onto a tv on the porch and now my mom watches tv, which she never used to do because she hates it.  But now she watches Cupcake Wars, some Amish reality show, some show about Secret Princes, and…get ready for it…Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  My dad freaks out saying the cable box will freeze on the porch in the winter, so he has come up with the idea of putting the tv INSIDE the house, facing out to the porch.  Then he will put wireless speakers on the porch.  Then my mom will have to sit facing the sliding glass doors that go into the house and watch her tv through the glass.  The mental image of my mom sitting in front of a glass door with a tv inside the house is…interesting.  For now she has decided to ward off any cold by surrounding the cable box with pillows.  Every day my dad says “It’s going to die!  The box will die!  We’ll need to get a new box, it’s going to freeze!” and every day my mom says “Ken, calm down!  It’ll be fine!  I’ll put a blanket over it”, to which my dad responds “A blanket??  It will catch on fire and we’ll all die, you’ll see.  And I’ll go first because my bedroom is above the porch.  It’ll cause a fire.  I don’t know what’s worse, the cable box freezing and having to buy a new one, or a fire!”  It’s the biggest commotion we have had in my house in quite awhile.  It is all very touch and go, you just never know when my dad is going to leap up from his giant Shaq sized chair and go onto the porch and tell my mom the cable box is going to freeze.

And hey, why don’t you just go on over and Ask the Darcy?  It was interesting there for awhile and now it’s all boring.