I Completely Forget What I Was Going To Write About.

I had a thought at work and followed that thought with another thought of “I should write a blog about that”, and I know for a fact I started thinking of titles that did not involve a curse word, but now I can not even think of what the curse word I was trying to avoid was, let alone what the subject was.

So there’s this, via Ask the Darcy:

This is Sandy, and though we never met we’ve “known” each other for years. How did you get into Rent?

What Sandy says is true.  We have know each for at least 10 years, probably more like 12 or 13.  And we have not met in real life.  Here is why.  We are both obsessed with the musical RENT.  We both sat in lines overnight in scary cities, we both obsessed over particular cast members, we both stalked the stage door to talk to cast members, we both traveled to various parts of the country to see our favorite cast members in different national tours of the show…it was a thing.

I got into RENT because I had a subscription to the Broadway Series at Playhouse Square.  I am not just obsessed with RENT, I am obsessed with quite a few shows.  RENT really put me over the edge of obsession, though.  So part of the Broadway Series was RENT.  It was 1998.  I had such bad seats that I thought Angel really was a woman for the entire first act, and I could not understand the biography for the actor who played him/her.  I finally figured it all out and decided I loved the show and immediately went online and found out there were cults of people who worshipped this show and followed it around and all this other stuff, and I became one of them.  I met my friend Mo on a message board and she said she was coming from Detroit to Cleveland and she would show me the ins and outs of  The Line.  That is the part where you stay over night on the street.  I was in college at the time, so I have no idea how I got the money or the time, but I saw every show in Cleveland, then traveled to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Columbus, NYC, Toledo and I swear there was one other city but I can not remember which one.  Oddly enough, 1998 is also the year I stopped getting a 4.0 GPA at Notre Dame.  And it was also the year I started working in theater myself.  Wait, no – that was 1997.  Whatever, it was close.

I met a LOT of people through RENT and most of them were nice.  Some of them were not.  I met DK1, Lizard, Mo, Chris, Christina, Melody (but not in person), Sandy (but not in person), Madonna (but not in person), Leanne (but not in person) and Renata (but not in person) and other people I am sure I am forgetting.  I also learned what a Line Queen is, though I did not have to deal with the original NYC Line Queens, thank goodness.  I saw it on Broadway while some of the original cast were still in it, and this is horrible, but I do not remember who I saw.  Anyway, my particular Line Queen story is as follows:  my BFF Catharine and I went to Philadelphia and camped ourselves out in front of the theater for tickets.  We were very close to the front of the line, so we were guaranteed rush seats – which are super cheap tickets in the first two rows, but they are first come first serve, which is why people were so crazed about getting in line and staying there.

Catharine just had a kidney transplant and because of her meds, was not supposed to sit in direct sunlight.  We told this to a few people, left our stuff in place in line, and followed the shade and sat wherever the sun was not.  Then it came time to purchase tickets, and the self proclaimed Line Queen declared that we did not sit in the right spot all day, so we were not allowed to have tickets.  All this despite the fact that she herself had just sauntered over from her hotel because she had someone holding her place in line.  We were at least physically THERE, if not in the right spot.  Our stuff was!  So she talked to the theater person and got us kicked out of line, despite our extremely legitimate reason for not staying in one place the entire day.  Oh, and it was not just the entire day.  We were there at 11pm the night before, and this all happened at about 5pm the next day.  We were angry.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and since Catharine had just turned 21, we drank fruity adult beverages and talked about how angry we were.  Then after the show we stage door stalked anyway.

Here is 6 degrees of Darcy separation.  The person who got us kicked out of line is an insignificant nobody.  We had dealt with her before and she was never nice.  Through her, in a different city, I met a person who was not just obsessed with the show, but well informed, nice, articulate, intelligent and had internet abilities that were not common at the time.  Fast forward 10 years later (more like 12 or 13 probably), this person is now the maven of all things Harry Potter, which I am also obsessed with, and she has written a book and runs an extremely insanely popular HP website, and is basically BFFs with J.K. Rowling and a whole bunch of other super cool authors.  Where is the mean line lady?  NO ONE KNOWS.  So this just goes to show that if you are a nice line lady, you go places in life.  Remember that.  It is important worldly advice.  You will become BFFs with J.K. Rowling if you are not a jerk to people.  The only reason I am not mentioning her name is because I do not know how the nice successful person feels about her previous RENT days now that she is a Harry Potter Guru, but hey, if you are reading this and you happen to be her, give a comment because you are nice.

This is the second post in a row where I made a secret reference to someone.  I am like the Illuminati.

Oh and did I mention Ask the Darcy?   K, bye now.