Nutella And Kittens And The President.

The President was just on Jay Leno.  I really like that guy (the President).  I do not do political arguments, I am talking about President Obama as a person.  He seems so nice, he is very attractive, and he has a nice sense of humor.  Really, though, all of the presidents have their humor moments.

The President did not Ask the Darcy, just FYI.

I am on my third jar of Nutella in three weeks.  I am an addict.

Oh and remember this post?  It’s about kittens and I ask you for money. 

Jay Leno asked President Obama something about embassies closing and safety and terrorists and now I am afraid.  I am also falling asleep because I took Advil PM.  I am also now watching the Disney Channel and Good Luck Charlie is on Shake It Up.  I like the neighbor on Good Luck Charlie except I can not remember her name.

I got my vitamin B shots in the mail today and my dad sent me this e-mail:


Also, see if you can spot the creepy factor in this picture:


The People Who Are Or May Become Vice President – The Sequel.

I posted this as my Facebook status and the reactions totally fed my ego, so I’m posting it here as well.

Here is my summary of the VP debate:
Lady: How are you going to do this?
Paul Ryan: Obama is a poopy head and we’ll be better.
Joe Biden: Step 1, Step 2, insert facts and figures, step 3.
Lady: What steps will you take to get there, Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan: I have a friend who was poor and he believes in us and what we are going to do.
Lady: But what are you going to do?
Paul Ryan: Be better than the Doo Doo Head in office. *insert snarky insult about the president or vice president here, followed by a smarmy grin*
Joe Biden: Step 1, Step 2, fact, fact, figures, math, fact.
Paul Ryan: Drinks water.
Lady: Is it fair that Romney paid so few taxes?
Joe Biden: Fact fact figure, no.
Paul Ryan: There was a family who died and Romney gave them Christmas.
Paul Ryan: Drinks water.
Lady: Can you tell us anything about what you are going to do?
Paul Ryan: It’s national security.
Joe Biden: Step 1, step 2, malarchy.
Paul Ryan: Drinks Water.
Lady: How are you going to do the other thing?
Paul Ryan: I went to high school with a guy and he says we can. *inserts another smarmy insult referring to the Presidents debate skills* Drinks Water.
Joe Biden: Fact fact, my friend, fact fact.

The End.