Meat Guilt.

I am not a vegetarian.  Despite the fact that every single thing I write is about how I want to save animals and how I panic when I think they are hurt or suffering, I still eat meat.  There are some really serious repercussions to this, though.

I have been known to go out to eat and order ribs, which I love.  The ribs arrive and they are sitting there looking all tasty and saucy….and I can’t eat them.  I psyche myself out.  They LOOK like the animal they came from, I mean, you can just imagine that rib being on a cow or pig.  So I order ribs and the server says things like “Why aren’t you eating the ribs?”  “Is there something wrong with the ribs?” and you can’t just say “I’m sure they are fine, I just really feel bad for the pig/cow or whatever they came from and I can’t eat them now”.  But then there are times when I eat them anyway, and that is when I feel even worse.

I was recently told by my Accidental Fat Camp doctor that I do not eat enough protein, so she gave me some ways to increase my protein consumption.  The number one suggestion was to eat more things that are protein (as opposed to my regular diet of carbs and sugar) I bought lunch meat (from the deli, I was fancy) and I have been attempting to eat turkey a lot.  I feel terrible.  I SEE turkeys sometimes on my way to work, and there I am, eating them out of a zip lock baggie.  But the turkey from the deli – it’s delicious.  It’s Canadian Maple Turkey, I mean, how could I not eat that?  Then I look at the turkeys wandering around in weird suburban areas and I feel I think, I would be their friend, I do not want to eat them.  And then it is time for lunch and I eat them.

I try to justify my meat eating tendencies by saying that the animal is already dead and made into this cheeseburger, so it would be an insult NOT to eat him.  It really does not work, though, I am unable to trick myself into not feeling Meat Guilt.

I have mentioned before that I am sure there is a way to make delicious rotisserie chickens from a test tube without having to kill real chickens, and I am still confident this technology exists and they are just hiding it so that I have to feel guilty every time I gnaw on a chicken wing.  I saw in passing that they made a test tube hamburger and I thought, wow, that is disgusting – but really, that is actually what I want.  Give me the chemicals and fake meat products!

Chicken wings are the worst – they make no effort to hide the fact that I am eating a chicken’s wing.  It’s just, right there.  Hi, I’m a wing.  I have maintained my shape and there is no disguising the fact that I am the wing of a chicken.  At least with chicken fingers it’s all mashed up and made into a fake looking breaded shape.

Right now I’m eating Nutella with a spoon, so I am not feeling any Meat Guilt, just Fat Guilt, which is a completely different story.

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