I Finally Like A James Bond Movie.

I have mentioned before that I have rage against James Bond movies because they take a really cool guy and make him naked a lot, and naked people make me angry.  Well, I saw Skyfall and I LOVED it.  It would have been better if I had some sedatives on me, because I ddid not breath normally through the whole thing, but it was a really, really good movie and Daniel Craig is really, really hot and also Voldemort was in it.

There was only one scene that made me angry.  When AJ tried to make me watch other James Bond movies, there were many scenes that made me angry.

I am rereading the Harry Potter series (I do that every once in awhile) and it always depresses me because I want to be a wizard really badly and I want to live in Harry Potter world and it is not fair that I do not live there.  This series messed me up because I get very involved in books when I read them, and this series, I was not able to ever come all the way out of.  I will never not want to be a wizard or not want to live in Harry Potter world ever again in my life and so that means I will always be pining for something I will never get.  I often have dreams that I am a wizard and when it comes time to do spells and things, in my dream, I can never remember any of them so I just start waving my wand around hoping magic will happen by itself and usually I end up not winning whatever battle I was in because of my inability to remember spells. I think I have this dream because Harry Potter uses two spells a LOT, and I always think that he should broaden his spell horizon and use more.  The stunning spell and the disarming spell are the ones he always uses.  Sometimes maybe you do not want to stun someone, maybe you want to encase them in a giant ice cube, where is the spell for that?  I think that would be incredibly useful.  Hedwig probably would not have died if Harry had cursed the Death Eaters that were following him by encasing them in ice cubes rather than stunning them.  They would have dropped out of the sky.  Then Hedwig would still be alive.  Stupid Harry Potter.

I have to take a Property and Casualty insurance class this week and I do not want to.  First, there are no dogs there.  Second, there is no Ken the Hamster there.  Third, it seems really boring.  Fourth, it is different and I am not a fan of different.

I fell asleep on the couch today and when I fell asleep it was light but when I woke up it was dark.  My mom woke me up by waving an entire loaf of bread in my face, just to see if the smell of baked bread would wake me up.  It did.  I opened my eyes and saw what I thought was an enormous yam in front of me, and since it was dark, I could not see who was holding it and it was a very strange way to wake up.

She also likes to wake me up in the middle of the night because I have sleep apnea and I currently am not on a CPAP machine for it, so that means when I am asleep (and actually, sometimes when I am awake), I snort and then stop breathing.  So I will often wake up to my mom saying “Stop it” or “Turn over” and no matter how many times it happens, I never just wake up and understand what she is saying, I always get confused.  And it never works, either.  It does not matter what position I am in, I still stop breathing in my sleep.  So really, she just wakes me up a lot at night.

I am in a blogging dry spell, so if there is anything you would like to comment on, state, ask, inform, declare or accuse, Ask the Darcy.

My dad is watching a cowboy movie and a cowboy just said “Heroes?  You don’t know beans about heroes”.