Souls And Other Things In Your Body.

A very astute reader asked the following question via the Ask the Darcy button:


…have you ever read “The Host”? I think it has some redeeming qualities (besides being horrifically long) – and brings up a good point about souls and the nature of souls and their place in human society (or lack thereof). even if you haven’t read it: what is your take on the term “soul”?

I have not read The Host, and it is not because I am one of those people who thinks I am too good for Stephanie Meyer.  I read all the Twilight books, and I enjoyed them.  The story was good.  The writing could have used more inspiration, but the story was good.  The reason I have not read The Host is because we shelved it in Horror at Half Price Books, so I was scared of it.

On that note, what a good question you asked.  I love it.  And I had to think about it because it is not something I have actually thought about too much.

I think I sort of see the idea of a soul as the essence of a person – everything that makes up the person and their decisions and place in the world is dictated by what is imprinted on their soul.  I think some people are imprinted with really horrible things, but that doesn’t mean they do not have a soul, it just means they have a really bad one.  A person’s soul is what gives them the thoughts and the dreams that they have – but not necessarily the ones they accomplish.

I have mentioned before that I believe we all have wings, and that very few people are aware of them.  Now that I am thinking about the idea of a soul, I am thinking my idea of wings is the same thing.  What I can do with my wings in my mind and in my heart are not exactly what I can accomplish on the outside.  I use my wings to try to heal people and give them hope and safety, and in a way, I think that is me trying to project myself out into the world to make it better, because the physical me can actually do very little to fix things on the scale that I would like to.

Now I’ll reference Harry Potter – dementors suck the soul out of a person and leave them as a hollow body.  That sort of goes along with what I mean about a soul being the essence of a person.

And now I will reference a book called Heaven is For Real – the short story is that a 4 year old visits heaven during a life threatening surgery.  It is an entire book, so obviously this is one small part of it, but he meets his sister who was miscarried, who his parents never told him about.  She developed into something more than a miscarried baby and was able to communicate and exist in heaven.  Call me crazy, but I believe that.  The baby did not get a physical chance on earth, but the soul was there, and the soul was able to develop.

This is going to get really into details that will probably get me put on special medication or something, but I also believe Angels are souls, and that some humans have the beginnings of the souls of Angels in them.  I think while they are alive, these people are especially sensitive, intuitive, caring, honest, loving, and constantly tortured by the fact that they can not heal or save everyone.  It is not that these people are extra good or saint like, they just have an intense and almost indescribable mental experience that most people are not capable of.  I think a lot of these people also suffer from mental illnesses or are “on the spectrum”.  Oh geez, I think I also just described what the New Age people call Indigo Children.  That just occurred to me.  I am NOT a New Age person, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

At any rate, I think these people, who are rare but extremely easy to spot, are on the track to become Angels – their souls are already there, but their physical being can not live up to what they feel and what they know.

On the other side are the bad people.  They have souls, too, but not good souls.  I do not know what happens after we die, but I believe in Heaven, I believe in God and I believe that the good souls go to Heaven regardless of what various religions have dictated is “good”.  I know people who think gay people, no matter what, just are not going to go to Heaven.  The Bible says (allegedly) that gay people are bad, so no matter what they do, no Heaven for them. Mother Teresa, after all she did, could say “Hey, I might be a little gay” and according to some people, that automatically excludes her from Heaven.  My dad, a Jewish guy, has never done anything wrong or mean in his life and has gone above and beyond in terms of helping others and taking care of others, particularly animals.  He has not accepted Jesus as his savior, so BOOM.  Some people say there is no way he will be in Heaven.  I disagree with that entirely.  Souls go to Heaven.  Everyone has a soul.  There are not limits placed on the soul.  If it is a good soul, it goes to Heaven.  If it is not, I do not know what happens to it.  But I can guarantee if my dad is not in Heaven when I get there, I will absolutely turn around and leave, because that is not the place I want to be.

I mix religions.  I have a little bit of everything going on, including Catholicism, Buddhism, Paganism and yeah, I suppose some New Age, but just a little.  My mom, a former nun and devout Catholic, has worried for years that about that technicality about my dad being Jewish and therefore having the pearly gates closed to him.  She asked her priest, who I have to say is a really smart and cool guy, and he said “If he’s living a Christ like life, I personally believe Christ himself will welcome him into Heaven regardless of the fact that he is Jewish”.  I think that says it all.  I find it much more logical that would happen than the fact that you can live a life of evil and debauchery and in the last year of your life decide Christ is your savior and you are going to be sitting in Heaven while my dad, who lived his entire life in a Christ-like manner while never actually acknowledging Christ, is going to be locked out.

What was I talking about?  Souls.  Souls are big enormous places inside your head and a lot of people have no access to it at all.  But those who do are able to do things, but they never know what or how much.

Oh and it is worth mentioning that there are middle souls – not bad, not “nearly angels”, but just regular.  That is fine, too.  And a lot of regular souls probably accomplish more generosity, compassion and charity on earth than the “nearly angels”, because the “nearly angels” are seeing a much bigger thing that they can not figure out how to work.

Oh, and to fit with the title of “Souls And Other Things In Your Body”, I will now list Other Things In Your Body:  spleen, kidneys, veins, cells, blood, food being digested, mucus, esophagus, liver, pee, teeth, and in some people, shrapnel and metal plates and screws.