Ham Hams And Foster Kitties.

My niece is getting a hamster for her birthday.  Hamsters shall forthwith be called Ham Hams or Hammies.  Anyway, I called dibs on buying the cage for the Ham Ham.  So I bought this double level cage with tubes and then a smaller cage and the Hammie can have a living area and a nest area and an eating area and all kinds of areas.

I would like a Hammie of my own but have been forbidden by my parents because I am 38 and an adult and that makes sense.  I am living vicariously through my niece.

What I really want is a work Hammie, but a lot of people work there now, and I would want it to be MY Ham Ham.  I do not share well.  You may recall Ken the Vicious Bite Hamster, he was my former work Hammie.  Also we now have foster cats at work and I think they would enjoy watching a Ham Ham (through a secure window).

I take the foster kitties on field trips to visit our fish tank.  Of the three kitties we’ve had, two have enjoyed that and one was horrified by that.  One kitty was adopted and now we have two together and they are friends and will be adopted together.







You want the kitties.  Adopt the kitties.  Do it now.  The top one is Emmie and the bottom one is Teegan but he is a boy even though he has a girl’s name, and his head tilts and it is super cute.

I have started listening to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale and I really like it and it is really funny.  If you do not listen to it, you should start.  Then you can report back to me about how much you love it.

If you would like to adopt Teegan and Emmie for real, contact the Berea Animal Rescue Fund